The Catalyst Diaries

Weekly Report

June | The Beginning

Congratulations Delhi IIT & Delhi University on being the exceptional ones by hitting 300+ Matches. This is yet another beginning for AIESEC India!

June is a month of high potential & with about 3 weeks to go,let's ensure our productivity doubles for the Biggest Summer peak that we're looking forward to.

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Value Delivery | Summer 2016

June marks the beginning of realizations for the Summer peak.

Ensure you fulfill all Quality checkpoints & simultaneously,track & record experiences. Documenting every experience plays a vital role in improving your credibility & to boost your further cycles.

Example for a brilliant documentation :- Maya | TeachForIndia

Check if you've met the standards of the below documents,which will make your Value Delivery simpler than what it's perceived to be.

This drive consists of everything from Accommodation standards to XPP documents. You will also find the ECB Booklet attached.Ensure you take out a couple of minutes to go through these documents.

Build your knowledge!

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IR | FOCUS for the Week

A lot of MCs have been growing significantly & it's time that we walk out of merely focusing on top entities & also start capitalizing on growing entites ASAP.

For this week,the top supply/growing entities for each region :-

  • Latin America - Peru
  • WENA - Germany, Netherlands
  • AP - Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • CEE - Turkey, Russia
  • MENA - Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain
  • Africa - Kenya, Tanzania

Ensure regular communication with every partner. Virtual Engagement is a must in order to ensure the partnership is sustainable.