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Tick tick tick.. time is fast ticking away with only a few hours left and the end of the popular Year 2015 will be announced. We have every reason to be grateful to God for giving us inspiration and strength to be alive and active in our different spaces of existence. It is with great excitement that I welcome you to our newsletter – the last edition for the year

The Year 2015 is an incredibly exciting year for us at LEEDNigeria with lots of milestones reached. Just few days ago, our 'Living History Club' story was published alongside other projects from Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Germany, India, Maldives, Namibia, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Trinidad and Tobago, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe in a UK based action research publication titled 'Enabling Education Review' issue. 4. Our project featured from pages 20 to 21 of the publication. Please click http://bit.ly/1NslaNr to gain access to the publication. I hope you will be inspired by our work and other incredible projects featured across the globe.

Without doubt, our literacy activities in Nigeria have brought hope and enthusiasm for social, education and economic development to young people and adults who benefited from our works this year. We are very optimistic and ready to double up our efforts towards achieving more next year. We therefore invite you to partner with us in whatever capacity you can, so that we can achieve these exploits together come 2016. Please drop us a mail at info@leednigeria.org if this sounds like one of your plans for the new year.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to share some “snapshots” of our work with you for 2015. As we all look forward to a very exciting 2016, I urge you to please take time to reflect on what God has done in your life and in your family, profession or organization this year — and give Him thanks.

I wish you a happier and merrier 2016

Yours in service

Sunday Olawale Olaniran

Team Lead, LEEDNigeria



We are glad to present to you, the 2016 LITERACY FELLOWS. Watch out for the next edition of our newsletter which will feature the comprehensive profile of each of them.

(Design credit: Adejoh Akeji - a Literacy Fellow)

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Improving the health and basic literacy skills of the older adults through our Basic and Health Literacy Programme

How much of sleep, vegetable and medications do you think our older adults need? We opened the year 2015 with a special basic and health literacy programme targeted at the older adults living in rural communities in Nigeria. The target populations for this programme are members of Community Development Associations (CDAs) in different Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria. We had close to 200 older adults and a few youths in attendance during our first Health Literacy programme with the CDA & CBO members in Ibadan South East Local Government Area (IBSELGA) in February 2015. Three of the Literacy Fellows – Samuel Elebute, Sunday Itasanmi and Tomilola Oguntade were in attendance to empower the participants with vital information and knowledge on living a healthy life at old age. Tomilola Oguntade (a professional Pharmacist) talked extensively on curbing the older adults’ health and age-related challenges. Kindly get the visual highlights of the event through the following pictures..

Stirring Patriotism through our Living History Club in Schools

Living History Club continues to encourage young people towards studying history and getting inspired to be patriotic to their societies and nation at large. The club was designed and introduced to schools in early 2015 as one of the strategies to arouse the interest of young Nigerians towards studying Nigerian history. So far we have succeeded in establishing the club in 5 different high schools in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State Nigeria. While we are making every possible move to extend the operation of the club to other schools and States in the country, we call on individuals and organizations to partner with us in this movement aimed at developing the capacity of young people towards becoming responsible and responsive citizens in the society. We are also busy working on the first edition of the Living History ‘short book’ a mini publication on history and citizenship education which will be distributed to school-age adolescents and youths nationwide. You can contact us at info@leednigeria.org for collaboration on this project.

International Literacy Day 2015 – Making a ‘sustainable society’ possible in Nigeria

September 8 was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies worldwide. We had the privilege of hosting 2 great events to mark this day in Nigeria – a public lecture, and the end of the fellowship year award for the 2014/2015 Literacy Fellows. Our guest speaker, Dr. (Mrs.) Omobola Adelore of the Centre for Literacy Training and Development Programme for Africa (CLTDPA) gave a compelling lecture on the Role of Literacy in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the set of goals adopted later this year by nations of the world. At LEEDNigeria, we will continue reminding government and development stakeholders in Nigeria and other developing nations of the world on the need to invest significantly on literacy promotion because where there is illiteracy, there is poverty. Improving literacy skills is a key step to overcoming the obstacles that lock individuals into a cycle of poverty. The graduation ceremony for the 2014/2015 Literacy Fellows witnessed the award of certificate and award. The pictures gives the visual highlights of the programme

Sustaining our Environment through our ‘Environmental Literacy’ Programme

No matter how far we try to do away with the natural world, we are still dependent on the earth’s resources. Ensuring that environments are maintained in turn helps us maintain our own way of living. During the Month of August 2015, Literacy Fellows conducted a survey among the traders and dwellers in Agbowo community (host to the University of Ibadan) to improve the situation of the community in terms of environmental sanitation and sustainability. The exercise was conducted with the aim of sensitizing community dwellers on their responsibilities to their environments and to recommend for governments more adequate and appropriate ways to keep the communities clean. Environmental literacy is one of our cardinal literacy programmes for 2016. We enjoin you to watch out for our 2016 fellows on their activities towards promoting awareness on climate change and other 21st century environmental issues in rural and urban communities in Nigeria.

Ponder on this!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts ~ Winston Churchill

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Literacy Education and Empowerment for Development in Nigeria (LEED-Nigeria) is a not-for-profit initiative founded in 2011 to promote basic and functional literacy skills among adults and youths in Nigeria. We are committed to training and mobilizing passionate young people as literacy advocates in communities and towns within Nigeria. Our literacy programmes covers basic, health, agriculture, information and environmental literacy, among others. Kindly visit our website and social media platforms for more information about our programmes and operations.


We thank the following individuals and organizations for their support throughout the year 2015: Dr. (Mrs) Omobola Adelore, Dr. Chris O. Omoregie, Mr. Folorunsho Moshood & Educare Trust, Lisette Reyes-Paulino, Ivan Moraes Filho, Alliance Francaise Ibadan, Project Social Impact, Belleza Travels, Mr. Tony Aito, Ige Oluwasegun, the esteemed team members of LEEDNIgeria - Ayoola Falola, Titilope Oni, Bukayo Oyetunde, our volunteers & Fellows and host of others too numerous to mention.

Thank you for being a part of our success stories in 2015.

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