Aultsville the ghost town

A town flooded for the seaway power project


Only five people started the town of Aultsville originally Charlesville. The Ault family was on of the family's to do the most work in the village with there name still on a piece of land when the seaway project started. Once the flooding came the population of the town faded quickly, even thought they had one of the most residence at the time


in the mid 1800s Aultsville had 3 churches, an elementary school, a high school, four general stores, a car dealer ship, two service stations, a cheese factory, a bank of known as "Bank Of Montreal" and a C.N.R freight train business. this probably would not be able to of happened if the Ault family did not build there first sawmill After Aultsville outgrew there old railroad station they got a new one separating waiting rooms for boys and girls built in 1889. The people of Aultsville also got new church once st.Peters Algonquin church was built.

Establishment of Aultsville

Aultsville was originally called Charlesville. its first store was opened in 1787 along with a tavern. it became a town in 1865. it was later renamed Aultsville in hounor of Smauel Ault one of the first members of parliment.

There were many men that had helped to start of the establishments in Aultsville. Thomas McConnel made a brickyard. The Riverview Hotel, a general store, and a butter and cheese factory were all operated by John Croils and Alexander McCullough.


Most of the houses were moved some remained and moved to Ingleside. They combined with Farran’s point.

Fun facts

Aultsville had a population of about 400 people and that would make in the second largest village. The house that were not moved were used to see the effect that fire had on houses. 20,000 acres in total were flooded.

Some Aultsville pictures