#19, MAY 12th, 2016

congratulations IE MBAT Teams

Congratulations on another strong performance, this time during MBAT last weekend!

The IMBA Team wants to thank and congratulate you all for your great effort and for pumping up the IE Spirit.

Big cheers to our medal winners! And for everyone who fought for our colors! 3 Gold, 4 Silver & 6 Bronze medals and 3rd position in the total ranking.

Check out the scores and medals table below.

Also click here to view the álbum with pictures collected and shared by the students.

Thank you all!

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Labs Drop/Add (13-16 May)

Last chance to change your mind and switch between Business Impact and Start-up Labs! All switches will be possible as long as it does not push the total of participants over the current planned capacity.

You will receive an e-mail tomorrow from the IMBA Team with the link and further instructions!

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PRE-Bid Results

Following the pre-bid, you may now reference the updated index here.
Please note the following:
Courses that were cancelled due to low demand are listed under the "Cancelled After Pre-Bid" tab. Due to its extraordinary demand, we doubled course Managing Big Data Analytics.

We have added 2 courses (syllabus available): Leadership, Power & Influence (Human Resources) & Equity Valuation (Finance). By early June, you will have access to the schedule of all courses, the interactive calendar and the table of incompatibilities (schedule conflicts). Selection bid will open on June 16.
Do not hesitate to contact or for any queries/clarifications.

IMBA in Practice Deadline

Recall that the deadline to apply for IMBA in Practice is June 1st. To find out more about the Internship program visit the Site.

Send your applications to


The IMBA Office is open from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday on floors 6 and 7 at MM31 (no appointments required). For appointments outside of the office hours, please send an e-mail to the person you would like to meet or, if generic or unknown, an e-mail to IMBA.