Hardwick Return to Learn


Open House Times

We are going Virtual!!! In order to minimize the number of people in our building, we are offering virtual Open House for grades 1-5. PK and Kindergarten teachers will be contacting their students' families to set up individual appointments to allow our youngest students an opportunity to see their very first classroom! Teachers are so excited to meet you and see your students return to class. Times and links are listed below for each virtual session. We are offering a variety of times for your convenience.

Open House Times

Hop on at any of these times:

Thursday, August 13th 3:30, 4:30, or 5:30

Friday, August 14th 11:00 or 12:00

2nd grade Virtual Open House

Luann Godfrey/Deborah Burns http://meet.google.com/cym-uwzs-vek

Kendra Griffing/Becky Ray http://meet.google.com/qcb-dyoh-ztm

3rd grade Virtual Open House

Elizabeth Chapman/Susie Kimbrell http://meet.google.com/ncx-fxmi-ksn

Carol Gallagher/Lori Holt http://meet.google.com/bkh-ushk-xui

4th grade Virtual Open House

Kim Pierce/Roger Wyly http://meet.google.com/xez-kohr-usu

Jazmyn Silva/Debbie Starr http://meet.google.com/xog-ifzy-wqy

5th grade Virtual Open House

Cheryl Blocker/Ashton Nisbet https://meet.google.com/twc-fiuj-ihd

LeeAnn Abbott/Edmund Garza https://meet.google.com/rep-rzjv-hxq

Other Virtual Open House times