Flipped Lesson


What went well?

I think overall my lesson went well. I have used this lesson before and I have had practice presenting it which made it easy to go through and explain the different points in the presentation. I feel like it would be helpful to use this style when first presenting information because you could then build on it in class.

What could I have done better?

I think that with more practice and time I could make my flipped lesson more engaging. I think if you want students to watch your videos outside of class they really need to capture their attention. If I could add in some videos or more images I think it would be helpful.

What did you learn?

I learned the usefulness of the flipped lesson. I mentioned earlier that this would be a good way to front-load new information. I think that if the students first watched my flipped lesson and came to class with that information it would be easier to build on using various activities. In my class it is very important to have a lot of in class work time and this would be a great way to save time.

How will you apply what you learned in the future?

I will try to use this in the future if I think it is possible. Currently I work at a school that does not provide technology and I know some students don't have access to the technology at home. I could potentially provide DVD copies for some students, but that could get pricey. I think that as my school progresses I would like to introduce flipped lessons into my class. As I have said I would use flipped lessons as a base of information and build upon the information in class.

Flipped Lesson Procedures

I think the most important procedure to implement with flipped lessons is some kind of accountability exercise. It may be as simple as an online quiz to take after viewing the video to check for understanding or students could complete a packet. I think that you could vary how you check on this, but it would be important to always have a way of checking whether or not a student has watched the video.

Tracking Results

I think the best way to track the success of a flipped lesson is through formative assessments. I would need to see if what I was doing was working for my students. Are they understanding the material I am presenting them? I think that by having formative assessments built into class time I would be able to track that success.

Learning More

I definitely want to continue to improve my flipped lesson skills I think it is important to watch more examples and see what others are doing. You can find a lot of examples of flipped lessons on YouTube. I also found a resource called Flipped Institute that has a lot of resources on ways to create engaging videos. I will continue to seek out new ways to keep my students engaged and interested.