The Archives War

In the spring of 1842, a Mexican army led by General Rafael Vasquez. he came with 700 soldiers and attacked San Antonio,Goliad,Refugio, and Victoria. Many people when they heard about the Mexican troops attacking got scared. President Houston worried that Mexico would attack Austin so he asked the Archives (records) be taken from the capital, many people in Austin did not like this because they thought it meant that the capital would be back in Houston.

The Real Archives War

There was an attack on the wagon that held the records.This attack was led by Angelina Eberly. it was a short conflict that ended in the documents being back in Austin.

Mexico Strikes Again

September 1842 attack's Texas again. The general in charge of command was General Adrian Woll, he took 1,400 soldiers with him and they captured San Antonio. hundreds of Texas Rangers and militia came to the aid off San Antonio. They came and fought the Mexicans at Salido Creek, ways out from San Antonio. General Woll's army retreated taking captives.