Mavericks Team Update

February 16, 2016

Class Information

Math-Today we are working on slope-intercept form (y=mx+b), where the slope is m and the y-intercept is b. Students will identify the slope and y-intercept from equations and graphs of equations. Students will also write equations from graphs in slope-intercept form. There will be a Unit 6, Quiz 2 over slope-intercept form on Friday, February 19. Announcements: Today students were given Unit 6, Week 3 homework that is due on Friday, February 19. There will also be Unit 2, Quiz 2 on Friday, February 19.

ScienceToday in science, students are completing a study island about photosynthesis and cellular respiration and basic needs and life processes. Afterwards, we are taking a quiz on Kahoot about lab tools and metric measurements.

Social Studies- Today we are completing an activity about Black History Month.

English Language Arts - Today students are taking notes over what a prewriting organizer looks like for an argumentative essay. Then they are taking an argumentative writing to complete one of those organizers for practice; Monday they will be using this strategy to write their own argumentative essays.

Snow Closure and Delay Communication Reminder

North Kansas City Schools provides several ways for you to get the latest information on district school closings, including early release or a two-hour delayed start on days when weather is hazardous:

In case inclement weather causes the district to delay school start times or cancel classes for the day, these are the ways that information is communicated to the public:

1. District Website: provides the first notification of school closings and other cancellations within minutes of a decision.

2. SchoolMessenger: Phone, email and optional text messages are sent to school families when classes are canceled, delayed or students are released early.

3. Social Media: We will post information at and

4. Radio & TV: Local stations share announcements on-air and on their websites.

For those who received a letter this fall from Transportation regarding snow routes, alternate routes have been posted on the Transportation page at:

Contact Information

Emily Boyd, Math

(816) 321-4204

Jessica Nolin, Science

(816) 321-5829

Troy Seiloff, Social Studies

(816) 321-6137

Leslie Goodwin, English Language Arts

(816) 321-4691

Additional Resources and Links

E-Campus (Blackboard) Username - student lunch number, password- student's birthdate (MMDDYYY)

I-Ready The I-Ready program provides students with lessons and assessments to strengthen their knowledge Math and ELA concepts. The Math and ELA teachers use this program in class frequently, and will use the students' scores on the assessments that follow the lessons in their grade books. We strongly encourage students working on lessons at home if possible. The student username is the student's ID (, for example) and the password is the student's birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

PowerSchool Be sure to sign up for a Parent Portal account! From this account you can view student's grades and attendance. Don't have a parent portal account?

Scholastic Scholastic Reading Clubs allow parents and students to order book and other items at an affordable price. If you use Mrs. Goodwin's classroom code, N8ZDY , when you check out, you earn free books for the ELA classroom! Want to write a check? That's fine! Simply write the check to Scholastic and turn it into Mrs. Goodwin. Monthly paper catalogues are available in Mrs. Goodwin's room as well.

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