ISTE Standards for Teachers

How are they used in the classroom?


In the classroom, you see many things! While observing and looking for teachers using the ISTE standards, I found a very interesting example of one standard, and have seen how not to use a standard as well!

The Non-Example :(

The standard that I saw a non-example of in the classroom was, "Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility." While I am sure this has been talked about in the classroom, I did not see the teacher explain what good digital citizenship was and how students should act on the internet. Digital citizenship should be taught, and because no evidence is seen of this, this is a non-example because students should see learning of how this citizenship is important. This could end up being big trouble for both the student and the teacher!

The Great Example!

The standard that I saw being used so well in the classroom was, "Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments." In this classroom, students are using digital tools in order to enhance their learning experiences every day. This is such a great example because the learning is evident and the digital tools are seen all across the classroom! I saw Educreation videos being used for differentiation lessons, Nearpods being used for guided reading, and all sorts of great literacy and math apps for centers!