My Family's Somali Heritage

by Zakia Aden

All About My Family's Homeland

I'm Zakia and I'm going to be telling you about my Somali heritage. Some people might think Somalia isn't a great country, but they're wrong. From the great people to the beautiful land and beaches you can swim in and the delicious foods it's a great place to be.

In Somalia everyone helps each other out. For example if someone is going to the city from a rural community the houses near by help out by giving food and water. We also have animals like camels, sheep and goats.

Showing Some More

What I love the most

In Somalia we have things for everyone. If like a warm and sunny place with beaches and also has mountains you would love Somalia.It is important to me because its part of my culture and heritage and the people and land are very welcoming, people are always happy, even if they don't have lots of money. We like to have lots of fun, people like our country because it's very unique it has cool clothes, different people and cool things to explore.

Somalia is unique from other countries in Africa for their cool land and different customs. In eid kids go to neighbors and usually get sweets and money. The people throw concerts and kids dance and sing. People are always getting ready for eid girls get and boys get new clothes and don't show anyone, girls get their henna done a couple days before eid. When I go to my uncles house on eid he lets me ride his horse. But I'm not a good rider I always fall down.