Super-Bowl XLIX

Pilgrimage style


I was born a sports fan, watching sports is what i love to do. I would watch every sport if it is on. The only professional sport games I have been to was the Dallas Mavericks , Kansas City Royals and NBA Pre-Seasons games at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. I have never been to a NFL football game before and I have always wanted to go to one. I have only traveled to two NFL stadiums, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA and Edward Jones Dome in Saint Louis, Mo. , and it wasn't even a NFL game. So I have decided that my pilgrimage will be going to Superbowl XLIX with my dad. My dad and I started try to go as many sports events as possible and this will be the ultimate one. The worst part is that we will have to buy Super-Bowl tickets before its sold out , buy plane tickets, reserve a rental car, and reserve a hotel room. Not to mention finding places to eat while we are there. All in All this will be a fun trip.
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Sunday, Feb. 1st 2015 at 6:30-10:45pm

4615 E Elwood St

Phoenix, AZ

The Planning

  • buy 2 super bowl tickets Cost: $4,602.00
  • buy 2 round trip Plane tickets Cost: $2,369
  • Reserve Rental car Cost: $446.97.00/day
  • Reserve Hotel room Cost: $449.00/night
  • Find restaurants to eat at estimated Cost: $100.00

The Schedule

January 31:

  1. we head to the K.C.I . Airport in Kansas City, Missouri for our 9:51 A.M. flight to Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Arrive at P.S.H.I. Airport in Phoenix, Arizona 3:04 P.M.
  3. Get on a shuttle bus to Pick up Rental Car
  4. Arrive at Hertz to pick up Rental Car at 3:45 P.M.
  5. Head to Spring Hill suites Marriott to get situated and drop of luggage.
  6. Go out to eat at Buffalo Wild WIngs.
February 1:
  1. Eat breakfast provide by hotel
  2. Head to Phoenix University Stadium to beat traffic and avoid traffic
  3. Get to the stadium
  4. Games starts at 6:30
  5. Have an awesome time
  6. Watch the trophy presentation around 10:45 P.M.
  7. Eat dinner
  8. Get back to the hotel around 12:00

February 2:

  1. Return rental car to hertz
  2. Head to airport for flight 1:30 P.M.
  3. Arrive in Kansas at 5:56 P.M.