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April 8, 2021


Dear Families,

What a difference a week makes! It has been an overdue joy to have nearly all of our students back under one roof once again. I cannot thank enough the cooperative efforts of this community of parents and professionals who have come together to help make our return this week such a success.

We continue to work to support our students as they all transition to a new mode of learning and living at Haynes School. Staff members are modeling and reinforcing expectations. Students are participating in pro-social lessons with teachers and our counselor. Teachers are recognizing positive behavior with Hawk Sightings in our building. We're learning recess again. We're learning lunch again. We're learning specials again. We're learning hallways again. Most importantly, we're learning together again.

The blooming of flowers throughout our campus this week is far from coincidental.


Jeff LaBroad


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Click here to sign your child up to for pool testing

All students must have prior parent permission to be tested.

Principal Forum TONIGHT

Thursday, April 5

7:30 p.m.

Via Zoom

As we head toward the close of our first full week of full in-person learning, parents are invited to join Mr. LaBroad and Mrs. Murray for our April Haynes Principal Forum. Hear updates and share your questions. Access the forum via the Zoom link here:


Arrival & Dismissal Car Line Reminders

Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation as we navigate our extended car line. As we continue to adjust and refine, please note the following important reminders:

  • HANDS-FREE -- Massachusetts law requires that drivers not use mobile devices while driving. Drivers should refrain from calls/texts that require any hand-held usage. Beyond safety, this distraction slows down our line.
  • ZIPPER MERGE -- When turning right into the Haynes lot, cars should merge as a zipper from two lanes into one.
  • NAMES ON DISPLAY -- Please have your last name clearly on display in your front window to allow duty staff to add your car to the list on display in classrooms.
  • PULL ALL THE WAY UP -- Every foot counts as we work to keep Haynes Road clear. Please move up as safely as you can to the car ahead of you.
  • FOLLOW SIGNS AND MARKINGS -- Stop signs and no passing signs should be adhered to except when a staff member directs you otherwise. Do not block crosswalks unless signaled to do so.
  • NO BLOCKING OF ENTRANCES -- Do not block the entrance to the front bus circle. Remain on Haynes Road until you can clear the entry to the circle.

The car line is the only way to pick up students by car. Parents should not circumvent the car line by having students walk to a side street to meet a parent. Students of families doing this will not be dismissed to the walker line.

You can access more on our dismissal plan in our reopening guidelines, here.

National Assistant Principal's Week

This week we mark National Assistant Principal's Week across the country. Here at Haynes, we are lucky to benefit from two talented individuals in this position: Cara Blanchette, currently on leave with her newborn daughter, and Beth Murray, who is serving as Interim Assistant Principal. Thank you, Mrs. Blanchette and Mrs. Murray for all that you do to make Haynes a special place!

Welcome to a New Building Substitute

Haynes is pleased to welcome KELLY LEANZA to our team as our newest building substitute teacher. Ms. Leanza will be working in classrooms and in roles throughout Haynes. Ms. Leanza is a familiar face to Haynes, having previously worked as a substitute teacher and lunch/recess monitor, and being the proud parent to Haynes alums. Welcome, Ms. Leanza!

Library Circulation Update

From Dorothy Kramer, Haynes School Librarian

All in-person students will check out and return books in-person during the week their homeroom is scheduled for Library class only. They will be allowed to have four books checked out at a time to ensure they have enough reading material. Circulation will be on Monday and Friday. Remote students will continue to reserve books online and these will be pulled given to them at the remote materials exchange.

Mrs. Kramer will review book selection and checkout procedures with all students during their library classes, but has a video ahead of time to students in grades K&1 to give them a preview.

SPS to Host April Break Pooled Testing

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

8:30-11:30 AM

Curtis Middle School, 22 Pratts Mill Road, Sudbury

Sudbury Public Schools and the Sudbury Board of Health invite SPS students and staff to participate in pooled testing. Drive through testing will be supervised by trained observers. Students in grades 2-8 will self administer the test. Parents or caregivers will administer the test to students in PK-grade 1. Administration is easy and quick, as demonstrated by this video.

If you are interested in participating in the April break pooled testing, please complete this linked authorization form. The form will prompt you to print your response and bring it with you on the day of testing. The information collected will be used for contact tracing should a positive pool be identified. Please note, that a separate form is required for each testing participant, regardless of whether prior permission has been granted at the school level.

More information about SPS COVID-19 protocols and reopening is available on the district website.


Thursday, April 8

7:30-8:30pm Principal Forum


April 19-23

April Vacation - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, April 21

Administrative Professionals Day

8:30-11:00 Vacation Pool Testing (Curtis Middle School)

Tuesday, April 27

Staff Appreciation Breakfast (hosted by HOP)

Friday, April 30

Food Pantry Collection

May 3-7

National Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 3

2:45-4:00 School Council Meeting

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