Thomas Jefferson

By: Lexie Stanley


Thomas Jefferson held his head high and had the world with him. Thomas Jefferson grew up with lots of hobbies. He grew up with a nice family and raised his in a pleasant home just like his parents did.

Young Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a young boy with intelligence. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13th 1743. He grew up in Virginia . Their farm was called the Shadwell. The Jefferson family plantation was worked by slaves. Jeffersons father died when he was 14. He went to school when he was 9 years old. When he was 17 he was 6ft tall. When he was 14 , he went to charlottes ville boarding school.he played in the violin trio at the palace. Thomas Jefferson enjoyed being active in many different things during his lifetime.

Raising and living

Thomas Jefferson raised his family like his childhood family was. He had only a few of his childhood siblings survive. His surviving sisters included jane-Mary, Elizabeth , Martha , Lucy, and Anna. He had one surviving brother named Randolph. Thomas Jefferson built his own home. He built it on his own. This project took him two years . He did this to suite his family. He married a woman named Martha Skelton Jefferson . Soon after they had one daughter named patsy Jefferson . Thomas Jefferson cared and loved his own family and sill longs as he did his child.

As a Politician

Thomas Jefferson worked hard as a politician . When he was 16 he went to collage of William and Mary to study law. He had troubles finding law schools. He was very close to his law teacher. It took him five years to become a lawyer . He became Vice President for

John Adams . They became close friends. He spent 17 days to write the Declaration of Independence. He was the third president . He was president Madison and Monroe's idol.he was Secretary of State for George Washington for four years. It took Thomas Jefferson lots of work to become a politic.


Thomas Jefferson was an achiever and was very self reliant. He went to school and had fun at home. He raised his family in a lovely home just like his parents did. He was a wonderful politic. Jefferson worked hard and was independent. He was a true politic.



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