The Weekly Roar

Notes from Nick Novak: Friday May 6, 2016

Kudos... Leanne Peters who has rocked out so far through this first week of AP testing. Great planning and coordination has really helped things run smoothly. Thanks as well to all the teachers who have been flexible with room changes or swapping desks for tables during our testing season. You have been fantastic and so extremely accommodating. Michael Duffy for being the super scheduler of games and practices. The rain has wreaked havoc on the Spring season and Michael does an awesome job of staying on top of weather reports, working with coaches/officials, and communicating changes in a timely fashion. I'm sure he is super frustrated, but he stays cool, calm, and collected (it must help to have sarcastic hashtags in his tweets). Thanks to the coaches for rolling with the punches too. our Paraeducators and Student Assistants who often work behind the scenes to assist students with learning. They are invaluable to our school, special programs, and student safety. THANK YOU for working at Howard! all the Moms on the Howard Staff. Enjoy your special day this weekend with your own kids--the ones you help "mother" here at Howard certainly wish you the best (whether they say it or not). Guys-don't forget to do something nice for the awesome moms in your life!


Here are some helpful reminders for the upcoming week:

1) As you know, Workday is up and running. You must submit all leave requests through the online program. Please remember that, with the exception of bereavement leave, all leave is recorded in hours. For most folks, a half day is 3.5 hours and a full day is 7 hours (work day varies by position). If you enter .5, that is 1/2 an hour (and 1 is one hour). Thanks for ensuring that leave is documented properly.

2) AP exams continue next week and PARCC comes resumes for our Algebra students testing. We won't have announcements throughout the day on most days and there won't be Lionstime on Wednesday.

3) MP 4 Interims need to be posted by close of business on May 10th. Reports will be distributed to students on May 12th.

4) I'll be holding a special "paraskevidekatriaphobia" Planning Period meeting next week. Come out to chat (even if you don't know what that word means). Location is TBA--I'll email it next week.

5) The finals of Stephanie Ghezzi's petanque tournament will be after school on Tuesday near the villa. All the students were eliminated, so its a staff showdown with Tyler Petrini & Josh McGoun facing off against Margaret Mitchell & John Arnold. Who will win? You'll have to come out and see for yourself!

Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff member who are celebrating this week:


"Instructional Tidbit"

Ten Ways to Stay Motivated at School

As our visuals below illustrate, the end of the year can certainly take its toll. I always love finding words of wisdom for how to stay positive and end the year on a good note. Here are ten tips and the post they came from (read it--the list will make more sense):

1) Solve by Moving Forward

2) Listen to Awesome Music

3) Be Strategic about Mornings

4) Top Off Your Tanks

5) Keep a Joy Journal

6) Let Your Rough End Drag

7) Forgive and Move On

8) Work Towards Your Task

9) Enjoy the Moments

10) End Well

It's Time to Rally to Make it to the Finish Line


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