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Principal's Message - November 2021

We can honestly say that NOTHING in our professional careers or university training has prepared us for experiences that we’ve encountered during COVID-19 teaching. We continue to be optimistic, and since we’re providing weekly updates, we’re NOT going to focus on COVID here… We appreciate your trust and tremendous support as we navigate these difficult times.

Parent Teacher Interviews went extremely well. We appreciate the advantages of online interviews:

  • Parents can attend, even from work (possibly during a coffee break).
  • Babysitting services for siblings are not required.
  • Nobody has to worry about parking spots or speeding tickets.
  • A short time line forces people to be punctual.
  • Parents can meet from home; teachers can also meet from home.

As of November 1, we can permit parent volunteers working in Gish School and working with students, as long as they are invited and scheduled. Please DO NOT DROP IN. Parents must be fully vaccinated, and not with younger siblings who do not attend Gish School. This also means that Grades 1-6 classes can start to do field trips, and pizza lunches on Fridays can return starting this week! YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

Elmer Gish School is proud of our volunteerism and community support. For a few weeks in October, individual classes participated in our “Rake & Run” Program where we raked leaves for many surrounding neighbours’ front yards. In turn, staff volunteers drove trucks and trailers around the community and picked up the bags. Some classes brought the bags back to the front entrance so that they could be easily picked up in one location. We know that plastic bags are not accepted at the branch and leaf recycling yard, and chose to cut them open, dump the leaves, and recycle the bags. The other option would have been to buy the recyclable paper bags, which are much smaller and quite expensive. We believe that we made the correct choice.

Halloween activities were very successful. What an enjoyable time to be in school. Please be mindful that nuts and nut products are strongly discouraged at Gish School, due to severe allergies. Please do not send nuts or products with nuts in them.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING GISH SCHOOL’S SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR. We encourage reading at all grade levels! Simply stated, reading is the foundation of ALL learning. In Kindergarten and Grade 1, students “learn to read.” For the rest of our lives, we “read to learn.” It is very important to help students improve their literacy skills early, to ensure success in the future. Parents, the single best activity that you can do with your children is to read together. Time and time again, research proves that reading is the most important skill in determining students’ success. Setting aside time each and every day for reading is paramount, whether it’s right after school, before supper, right after supper, or at bed time.

Thanks for your overwhelming support for our staff and programs thus far. If you have any accolades or concerns, please communicate initially with the teacher(s) involved. Afterward, if you want to proceed to contact either one of us, please accept this as an offer to do so, either by phone or by e-mail.

Yours in partnership,

John Strembitsky - Principal

Sue Werner - Assistant Principal

Kris Horb - Assistant Principal

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