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From the past few weeks and for the week of Oct. 30- Nov. 3

Thrill the School

What a fun event! Our 5th and 6th graders have worked diligently to practice and put on this stellar performance. So proud of our related arts teachers and students!


One of our own students, Lauren H, started a school-wide initiative to collect unopened socks to help keep students in need warm this winter. Read below:

During the month of October, HIJH will be participating in Socktober. Socktober allows us to help support a local school in need by donating new, unopened socks. Our Socktober donation event will be going on through October 31. You can bring unopened socks to any of the collection bins located throughout the school and in the front office.

Dictionary Day is Tuesday, Oct. 31st

I am so excited to be a part of this HIJH tradition! It is a language teacher's dream costume party! Most students have had their dictionary word approved, but I am still waiting on a few. Those students need to have their ideas to me by Monday. They should come to school dressed as their their "word costume" on Tuesday. Please note, the students have been told that this should NOT cost any money. They should get creative! This is an assignment and students will be required to present to the class their correctly pronounced word, its part of speech and definition, a context rich sentence using the word correctly, and an explanation of their costume. There will be tons of great pictures of their creativity in next week's newsletter!

Student Led Conferences

We are excited to have our students share their successes and goals with you in their Student Lead Conferences on November 14, 15, 16. Be sure your sign up with your child's homeroom teacher through the PTCfast website. Information was sent home from homeroom teachers this past week.

The Million Meal Marathon by student writer: Beatrice K.

Several students from pod 6-2 came together to fight hunger in Indiana on Tuesday, October 10, with the Million Meal Marathon. Together, we were able to pack 6,912 meals. To do this, we had an assembly line with several stations. The first one was where we had a bag and filled it with powder, dried vegetables, rice, and GRAINS!! Once the bag was filled with all four components, it was passed on to the next station. The next station weighed the bag. The bag had to be exactly 13.8 ounces. The people at that station had spoons and a bowl of rice. If the bag was underweight, the people at that station scooped some of the rice into the bag to make it heavier. If it was underweight, they took some rice out, to make it lighter. Once it was the exact weight, it was passed onto the next station. The next station sealed the bag. Once it was stuffed, weighed, and sealed, it was passed onto the next station. The next station stacked each individual bag in pairs of two. It took 18 pairs of two (36 bags) to fill 1 box. Our HIJH team successfully filled 32 boxes and provided 6,912 meals for families in need in Indiana. 1 in 5 children face hunger (1,000,000 people) in our state, and we were happy to help them. It was hard work, but it was fun and for a good cause. We were happy to contribute our time and package meals for them.

HIJH School-Wide Global Read Aloud

This year, our entire school will be reading the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park . This is part of our school-wide initiative to promote a global understanding of the world around us and to help students understand that there is much more outside of the boundaries of Fishers, Indiana. Our class will be working with the students in Ms. Hill's class and connecting to other classrooms around the world to share in this reading experience. Ask your child what is happening in the book so far and what they are learning about the needs of people in other places in the world.
Our students pair with the students in Ms. Hill's humanities class to share our questions and the things we notice in our reading of A Long Walk to Water.
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Ancient Greece Projects

Students created some superb presentations and artifacts to show their understanding of the Ancient Greek Civilization.

The importance of independent reading

Independent reading of self-selected text is, statistically, the most effective way for a person's reading abilities to grow and vocabulary to increase. Students have a 25 book reading requirement for the year. By now, they should have completed at least 3 books. Please check in with your child to ensure that he/she is reading at home at least 15-20 minutes a day from a book that he/she enjoys. If kids are in a "reading rut" and can't find a book they like, they know that they can come see me for suggestions. I always have plenty of suggestions, and our classroom library is pretty extensive!! With the exception of last week since we were preparing our group projects, I normally try to allow for some independent reading in class as well since I know the students have other obligations, but establishing a reading routine at home will help your child in oh so many ways!! Happy reading!

Some of Mrs. O's recent reading suggestions!

Year-Long Humanitarian Projects

Ms. Hill and Mrs. O'Rourke introduced our Year-Long Humanitarian Projects and requirements to the students. Detailed information can be found on Canvas in the Humanitarian Projects Module, but here are the basics:

• This year students will have the opportunity to show 3 different humanitarian acts within the community.

• Each project will be documented with a picture of the student performing the act/event and a short paragraph. These will be displayed all year to celebrate our acts of good will.

• Between Mrs. O'Rourke's and Ms. Hill’s class, it is our goal to perform 300 acts within our community.

• We will also be brainstorming different project ideas within our school and school community.

Upcoming Assessments and Project Due Dates

This section will contain upcoming assessments so that parents can help students stay on top of their studying.

Next Week:

Thur 11/2- 1st draft of personal narrative due

Friday 11/3-Roots Review

Friday 11/10- Vocabulary Test


Canvas is the HSE district's new online learning management system. It has replaced Blackboard. Our classes and our students are all using Canvas now. Family access is slated to be available in October. More news to come!