The Renaissance

by: Sky Cannady

The Change of the Renaissance

The Crusades increased European demand for luxury goods from Asia. Italian cities and a wealthy middle class began to form in Italy. A new middle class of bankers, merchants, and skilled craftsman gained lots of power. More rich people were able to go to Italy. The trading made them wealthy because of their luxury goods. The most important Italian city was Florence, where wealth from trade sparked the Renaissance.

Who were the people associated with the Change

The Medici Family were wealthy bankers who used their wealth to turn Florence into Italy's most wealthy city. They were also bankers who were fincial supporters of the arts. The Renaissance Man were the ideal man who were educated, smart, can dance, wrote poetry, and played music. The Renaissance Artists were Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and Filippo Brunelleschi. The Renaissance Art were banking and trade in Italian city-states, especially Florence, led to lots of money to spend on art. The rise of cities brought artists together and shared ideas-this lead to new techniques and styles.

How did the change impact society at the time?

Kings were able to tax merchants and use their wealth to build armies and strong nations which hurt the power of the Feudal Lords. The people population increasing.During the war, naturalism increased as people became loyal to their king and nation rather than their lord. Eduction becomes more and more important, and the ideal man is no longer the humble worshipper, but instead a versitale artisan like Leonardo Da Vinci. Printing made information available and cheaper. Christian humanists' tried to change society views about how life should be lived.

How is that Change Evidenced in Today's Modern Society?

Today people look up to their "kings" at the Church,like the pastors. Desoite less influence, the Catholic Church was still an important part of people's lives and the Pope remains important.