Solar Power

Using solar power for cleaner water

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is an inexpensive way to purify and heat up water using the thermal energy from the sun.

Effects on the water

SODIS (solar disinfection) is an inexpensive system used to clean and heat up water, killing all bacteria and germs that it contains. However, SODIS only works properly within 35 degrees distance of the equator, where the suns rays are direct enough to give the UV energy required.

How to disinfect the water in 3 simple ways

  1. Get clear, plastic, recyclable water bottles
  2. Fill the bottles with the water you want to purify
  3. Lay the bottles on elevated tables below the sun

Effects on the Environment

SODIS does not require mechanical devices/materials that could pollute the environment. However, using plastic water bottles to purify water could lead pollution if thrown out carelessly.

Effects on humans

If families in tropical countries use this system widely, SODIS will save millions of lives today because SODIS disinfects the germs that may be in the water that you are drinking. However, too much UV light from the sun can damage our skin cells and cause cancer, UV light damages and kills bacterial cells.

Long Term effects

Once the water is purified after 6 hours, it will be safe to drink and stay like that until you drink it. However, if it is a cloudy day, the water will be safe to drink in 2 days because it takes twice as long for enough UV rays to penetrate the water in the bottles. Also, many families who have no access to clean water can use this inexpensive system to save lives.

Interesting facts

  • Each year, 4 billion people in the world suffer from diarrhea since they have no access to clean water.(some may die)
  • If water is really dirty or cloudy, it should be filtered first to allow the UV rays to penetrate inside the water.


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