Summer Study Skills

Volume 2

What a week!

We spent this week getting to know each other, learning about our own strengths & weaknesses, writing goals, using a planner, and organizing a binder. Whew! So many topics covered in just a few days!

The Sunday Meeting

Parents: You should be invited to a "Sunday Meeting" this weekend. The purpose of this 5-10 minute meeting is to get in the habit of planning ahead together to avoid Last Minute Syndrome and to reduce (or eliminate) school-related arguments and fights. Your child should be the one to initiate the meeting, but please remind them if it appears that they have forgotten.

As I taught them this week, the kids will say the following:

1. "What do you have planned for me this week?" (followed by a transfer of appointments from your planner into the planner that I provided for them earlier this week)

2. "Here is what I have planned for this week." (followed by them sharing their completed weekly planner with you)

[Special Note for split households: It is even MORE important that both parents be in attendance at this meeting! If it is not possible, please consider a conference call or Skype so that everyone is on the same page]

This meeting does not necessarily have to happen on Sunday, some families prefer to have this discussion on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, or anytime during the weekend. Regardless, it will hereafter still be referred to as "The Sunday Meeting." The purpose should be clear: your children are ready to take ownership of their weekly schedules! Please guide them in this process, allow them to make a few mistakes here and there, and show them your own personal planner so they can learn a few new tricks.

I won't be here on Monday

Monday, June 24th 2013 at 8:30am-12pm

22305 W 13 Mile Rd

Beverly Hills, MI

Sorry to inform you that I have an important appointment Monday morning and I won't be able to teach the class. However, I have a great substitute teacher lined up who many of the DCDS students are already familiar with. I'm sure he will do a fabulous job in my absence!

From Mr. Wheatley

Thanks for sharing your kids with me!