By Cecilia Ancona

Wind Direction:Global

Winds go in all different directions , but the biggest ones are global winds.Global winds like local winds are caused by unequal heating on the earths surface .Global Winds are winds that cover a large amount of land .

Local Winds

Local winds are created by unequal heating like global winds .Local wind unlike global winds cover a small amount of area.
Wind sound effect (2)

The Doldrums and Horse latitude

The doldrums are like the horse latitude they are areas in the ocean where it can be hard to move because they are either in the equator or close which means there is not much wind .The reason the Horse latitude is called that is because it's very common in the old time people would throw over horses .


Winds is a type of movement of air . Wind comes in many forms like global winds , Local winds, Sea Breeze and Land Breeze. Winds are cause by pressures in different areas .

Sea Breezes

Sea Breezes are breezes that happen during the evening and come from the water or sea to the land . This happens because during the day the land is warmer then water or sea because water heats up slower the air/sand .

Land Breeze

Land breezes are a breeze that happens during the day . Land breeze come from the land to the water/sea because during the night the sea or air above the sea is warmer but during the day the water is cooler then the land .

Trade winds , Jet Streams and Prevailing westerlies .

Trade wind are winds that lead north/northeast hemisphere and South/Southeast hemisphere having very high pressure or very low pressure.

Jet Streams are winds that jets are very know for using they are very fast places for jets which makes it easy to move faster . Jets use these winds to get places faster and not use as much gas . So these current are very good and there only 6 in the total on earth from the north and south hemisphere .

Prevailing Westerlies Winds that came from high pressure areas near horse latitude .

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