glasses for night driving

People often want to know if they have night blindness

Night Blindness and the Aging Process

As a person ages, he or she may find it more difficult to drive at night. The glare from the headlights of oncoming cars can be a distraction. This is normal, as a person's vision changes as he or she ages, and it becomes particularly noticeable when a person is in their 50s or 60s, but this does not mean he or she has to give up driving. Following are some tips to make it easier to see at night.

Changes to the Eye

The pupils of the eye become smaller as a person gets older to prevent them from dilating as rapidly. This means less light is able to reach the retina and night vision decreases. This condition is referred to as night blindness and refers to the difficulty the person has in adjusting from bright lights to dim ones.

Symptoms of Night Blindness

People often want to know if they have night blindness or if another problem is occurring with their eyes. If it has become difficult to see road signs easily, you may be suffering from this condition. Furthermore, people with night blindness often report they find it harder to judge their speed or the distance they have traveled. A person may first notice a problem when they have trouble seeing their car instruments, a map, or the GPS screen and, for some individuals, it is when their side vision is no longer as clear. Finally, when a person notices they are having trouble adjusting to the glare from oncoming headlights, an eye doctor should be seen to determine if night blindness is the issue

Treating This Condition

Driving Glasses are often of help to individuals who are showing signs of night blindness. These driving glasses come with an anti-reflective coating that reduces the glare from headlights, sharpens the driver's vision, and helps him or her see better after dark while on the road. Furthermore, these glasses can be of help in minimizing starbursts, halos, and other distractions on the road.

Other Helpful Tips

In addition to making use of glasses for night driving, individuals should ensure their windshield is clean, they leave extra time when they are driving somewhere new, and they make use of driving refresher courses. Dark roads should not be taken when a per suffering from night blindness is tired, and the speed of the vehicle should be compatible with the ability of the headlights to show the road ahead.

Speak to a doctor if you have concerns about your eyes or your ability to see. Many individuals find their vision issues can be corrected quickly with some lifestyle changes or seeing devices. Never delay, as your vision needs to be protected at all times. These glasses can be of help.