Steamboat Transportation

by Abby Thomas

Steam Transportation

The steamboat has impacted society greatly and was a big advance in technology. The steamboat was first made as early as 1787 by John Fitch. The first commercial steamboat was made by Robert Fulton. The steamboat increased the amount of waterway travel. The steamboat led to the creation of new towns because without the steamboat people wouldn't have made their way upstream because the steamboat inspired other ways of water travel so without the steamboat there would be no new town advances.

How did the steamboat alter transportation forever?

The steamboat changed the way people transported from town to town. The steam boat inspired other ways of waterway travel such as motor boats and cruise ships. The steamboat also created other towns that people could not reach without the steamboat. The steamboat also increased trade along other shores that row boats and such could not reach. This all altered the way of trading and water travel everywhere.

The different steamboats

Why did the steamboat have such an impact on american economy?

The steamboat had such a great impact because it allowed new things. It allowed new things such as trade from different areas. Trade helped people get more goods that ones area cannot provide. Another new thing was it allowed expansion. The expansion brought more people to new areas with new goods. The steamboat allowed many people to travel farther than just a normal rowboat.

Gibbons vs Ogden

This impacted waterway travel because after this you needed to get your steamboat registered and get a license plate for it. New York had granted Ogden a legal exclusive franchise, and anyone who wanted to operate a steam-powered vessel in New York harbor, with landing rights in New York City, would have to pay him for the right.