Railroads In North Dakota

History Of ND's Railroad

Between 1871 when the northern pacific entered northern dakota territory and 1899 when north dakota became a state the railroads laid 2093 miles of track. The northern pacific's main line Crossed the state from Fargo to Beach The manitoba's main line went from Grand Forks to Williston. Hundreds of miles of track where then laid out connecting all of N.D.


The railways main inventor was a man from great Britain named George Stephenson. The first engines that were used in america were Bought from Great Britain
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Railway


  • Bad Weather Didn't stop transportation most of the time
  • Safer than making Journeys on foot because they where much faster
  • It got goods around faster to people who needed them


  • It was bad for small loads
  • Often Crashed into Each Other if timing was off
  • Took a lot of time, labor and money to create
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Impact of the railroad on North Dakota

It brought new people to N.D to settle and create new cities that we have today.

Importance Of The Railroad While Settling West

It was important because it Transported people to new places they have never been before and helped settlement in the west move faster since more people could get their faster. It also brought people the goods and supplies they needed to settle.