Together in Learning and Faith

August 30 - Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School

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Big Welcome Smiles from Mme Gravelle & Mrs. Weller, OLA's Principal & Assistant Principal

It is with great pleasure we welcome our families to Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School! With much excitement the staff are ready to open wide our doors to our new OLA Learning Community. We have a special little treat prepared for all those joining the OLA family on Tuesday, and a big treat by way of the beautiful learning environment the staff have worked hard to prepare for our little learners!

To help make the first day of school transition an easy one, here is some important information to help you on your way.

We hope you had a great summer! We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.

Come and Celebrate

On the first day of school all parents are welcome to bring their child to school. We encourage you to walk with your child to their new classroom and into the caring hands of their homeroom teacher. After, you are invited into the gym for refreshments, and to connect with fellow OLA families.

Our first bell rings at 8:45am. For the first day of school, thank you for arriving anytime after 8:25am as this will allow teachers to prepare their final special preparations for your arrival.

Parking & Driving your Child to School

Parents are welcome to park in the north-west parking spaces or behind the school in the north-west parking lot. Parking is also permitted along the west side of Sherridon Drive south of the crosswalk, or north of the crosswalk on the east side of Sherridon Drive.

For your child’s safety, please walk your child through the parking lot, or across the street using the crosswalk, to the front doors on the first day of school. If driving your child any other day of the school year, please walk them to the school playground for their before-school recess that begins at 8:30am. Children are encouraged to take the bus as the safest and most convenient way to get to and from school. Our parking is limited and this will help alleviate congestion before and after school.

If you would like more information about bussing, please contact Elk Island Catholic School’s Transportation department at 780-449-6480 or visit their website.


To drop off and pick up students at OLA school buses will be parking directly in front of the school from the crosswalk north, blocking the front parking spaces on Sherridon Drive. To ensure student safety and to ensure no vehicles are in motion near children as they enter or exit the buses, the parking spaces directly in front of the school are reserved for staff.

After School & Picking Up your child

If you are picking up your child after school please wait outside the school near their regular dismissal/exit doors to meet them.

Should your plans change throughout the day, please call the school at 780-998-3716 and we will make sure your child and their teacher know the new "getting home" plan. As gentle reminder, our teachers have full schedules throughout the day and may not have an opportunity to read an email you send during classroom time. A quick phone call to the office is best.

When there is a known change from your child's regular routine, we ask that you take a moment to write a note in their agenda.

Outside Play

Playing outside is very beneficial for children’s learning and growing. As such, children will be out of doors each morning until the entrance bell rings to announce the start of school. Children are welcome to arrive at school after 8:30am as supervision on the playground begins at 8:30 am - there will be no supervision prior to that time.

Information about outdoor recess and inclement weather practices will be shared at a later date and will be found on our school website. Let's keep praying for warm weather and plenty of sun!

Lunch & Recess

As we are a small community, all children from Kindergarten to Grade 4 will enjoy recess together. Research demonstrates many benefits to learning when children go outside first for recess and eat second. This practice will continue at OLA.

Children are encouraged to bring a tea towel in their lunch kit to spread on their desk as a little picnic blanket. A tea towel helps keep your child’s workspace clean. At the end of lunch, your child will return the tea towel in their lunch kit for washing. Parents are also encouraged to prepare garbageless lunches by using reusable containers. Any garbage from lunch will be sent back in your child’s lunch kit. A great way to keep the garbage separate from your child’s food is to send a zip lock bag for garbage. Thank you for your help in caring for our environment.

Reporting Absences: Safe Arrival

Please click on this link for important information on the best way to let us know that your child will be late or away from school.

It is our first priority every morning to ensure that all students are accounted for. Using this new tool helps us to expedite this process to ensure the safe arrival of all of our students. We appreciate your partnership in keeping our little people safe.

We are a Nut Aware School

Please DO NOT send NUTS of ANY variety or foods that contain nuts to school with your children. We have far too many precious little children (and staff) with life-threatening allergies. Thank you for keeping our community safe.

Learning and Growing Together: Under Construction

We are a Work in Progress - literally and figuratively. Our website, policies, procedures and programs, and even some areas of our school, will continue to be constructed, developed and communicated throughout the year. We thank you in advance for reading the weekly newsletters to keep up-to-date on the journey.

Visitors to our School

In the interest of student safety, and to reduce classroom interruptions, we ask that all visitors to the school come directly to the office to sign in. If you need to pick up your child during the school day we are happy to call their classroom and get them to meet you at the office. Thank you for waiting in the office for your child to arrive. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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Sleep Star

This month our OLA children will be learning all about being a “Sleep Star”. Sleep is a very important part of keeping our minds and bodies healthy.

Want to get involved?

OLA is looking to build a community of parents eager to build OLA’s greatness through a Parent School Council. Stay tuned for more info coming soon . . .

If you are eager to get involved...FANTASTIC! Please email and share with us your excitement. We will be in contact with you soon!

We Are God's Masterpiece

This year’s EICS Faith Theme is “We are God’s Masterpiece” from Ephesians 2:10. This is so truly appropriate to OLA as we begin with a white canvas, and we build God’s masterpiece together!

Follow us on Twitter!

Our school website can be a great source of information about the latest school news and programs, bell times, and special events. You can also follow us on Twitter at: @OLAFort Sask.

Birthdays and Student Wellness

As a school division, EICS is moving to the practice of non-food rewards. Please refer to

  1. Nutrition AP 168

  2. Nutrition Highlights

To make the day special, we will be celebrating each children's birthday as part of our Monday Morning assemblies and daily morning announcements. Celebrating birthdays does NOT need to include a gift. Should you feel the need to acknowledge your child's birthday, here are some non-food ideas:
  • a book for the classroom
  • pencils or erasers
  • stickers
  • fancy glue
  • a gift for the classroom

In the interest of fairness to all, we will be sending home any food treats sent to school to share with classmates. Thank you for working with us - together we can all be part of this positive change!

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Staff Selfie Day!

And there are even more OLA team members who are excited to welcome you on Tuesday, who were not able to be in the selfie. They too are very eager to see you next week!!
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Looking Ahead . . .

September 4 First Day of School for Grade 1 - 4 . . . Welcome Back!

September 5 School Spirit Day - Wear your Favourite Colour

September 5 Early Dismissal at 2:19 pm

September 6 Welcome Back Assembly 9:00 am - please join us

September 13 Meet the Staff Evening 6:00 - 7:30 pm