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$10,000 technology grant opportunity

Want $10,000 for your classroom? ONE teacher at VBE will win this as part of or Share Fair grant opportunity.

What you must do:

Please provide a one page response that addresses the following:

*Why you are interested in this technology grant (remember the focus of this organization is literacy.)

* What technology do you have in mind to bring into the classroom, why these pieces and how do you plan to use them, what is the budget breakdown

* How will you use the technology to foster communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills in your students

* How you will use it to support instruction and increase student achievement

* How you will monitor and record the impact on student achievement, and report to all stakeholders your findings

* How will you share your learning with your colleagues and the school (and parents/community) [keep in mind there will probably be a lot of follow up events/publicity/meetings that will come along with this looking at the impact it is making.]

* How will you continue to grow professionally in the area of educational technology integration specifically focusing on improving literacy

All responses MUST be submitted by next Friday, Feb 3rd, 2017 by 3:30pm in order to be considered. This will be a tough decision so please be thoughtful in your responses and share your ideas as clearly as possible to help us in our considerations.

January 31st Data Chat

Our monthly data meeting will take place on January 31st in the front conference room during your planning period. Be sure to arrive on time and bring your folder with student data on post-its, the reflection form/protocol, and the colorful data that was distributed at the last faculty meeting. Please make sure you've isolated the standards your grade has struggled with the most, because we will use this time to create an action plan to help our kiddos moving forward.

Voxer Book Study!!!

Please sign up for Voxer before Monday if you are a part of our group. It was a huge financial investment and we want to make sure everyone gets something meaningful out of our voxer group!

I do have 4- $25 gift cards that we will be giving away for mystery submissions! You won't know what we are looking for but the more you participate and contribute the more chance you have of winning!!!

Voxer can be found in the App Store in your smart phone.

We will have norms in place:

1. Keep your vox messages under one minute

2. Contribute at least once a week

Once you sign up, please message Rachel or Me and we will add you to the group!!

This is going to be awesome.

We will start chapter one on Monday!!

Kagan Strategies Training!!

Port St Lucie cancelled their math Kagan training- however, we wanted to make sure we honored the requests, so our very own Kate Fiori will be doing a full day training on Friday

Here's who we have signed up:









Kids at Hope MONDAY!!!

8:00-9:00 fam-unity coffee talk

9:00-9:20 Kids at Hope Tunnel
9:30- Kindergarten Lead the Kids at Hope Pledge in the courtyard- Kindergarten teachers lead the treasure hunters Pledge in the courtyard.

9:45 visit Ms. Singewald's 1st grade class
10:00 visit Ms. Rochon's 5th grade class
10:30-11:30. Aimee utilizing the Stem Lab with impact 100 team.

Please have signs for your students celebrating their future focus and goals!!!

Updates from Ms. Keeley

Thank you to the amazing Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade teachers, Ms. Yvette, and the awesome custodians for an OUT OF THIS WORLD STEM night! Our students were getting "down with gravity." Our families enjoyed performing story nuggets from our gravity themed books. After learning about gravity, families had to complete a STEM challenge - build a lunar lander that will land on a target after being dropped from 5 feet. The astronauts (marshmallows) must remain in the lunar lander.

It was amazing to see families work together to complete this challenge and then bring them back to the cafeteria where we had a launch and land off!! Students and parents cheered each other on with applause and words of encouragement.

Kindergarten Winner - Steven Bazilio from Ms. Tuck-Henson's class

First Grade Winner - Matthew Major from Ms. Sitkowski's class

Second Grade Winner - Brandon Holland from Ms. Cisneros' class

Our next family night will be the 3rd, 4th, 5th STREAM night on Wednesday, February 22nd 5:30 - 8:00. PLEASE start building it up with students now so we have a HUGE turnout!

Updates from SVB

Literacy Week: A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our literacy week activities. We made a huge impression on our community and our students. I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and flexibility this week. I loved our Visual Vocabulary Dress Down Day and I know our students did too.

Congratulations to Melanie Belford for winning with her soundwaves costume. Not only did she show a scientific concept creatively but it was tied to the 3rd grade unit of study.

Our door decorating contest winner is... AMANDA MARTIN!!! Our judges loved your creativity and your connection to our theme, "Literacy Changes Our World." The student work was amazing! We hope you enjoy your gift card!

Runners up are Ms. Sitkowski and Ms. Wilson! You will each be receiving 10 Warrior Wampums for your display!

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Report Card and Progress Report Information

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February Fun(dations)

All teachers in Grades K-2 are invited to attend on February 27 from 4:15-5:45pm at either Rosewood or Liberty Magnet. Door prizes and refreshments will be provided. You MUST register on the PD page of the district website to attend.
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