Lockport City School District

April 2020

Dear Members of the Class of 2020,

You have been on my mind, and in my heart. I want you to know that I am very sorry for what you are experiencing during the last part of your senior year at Lockport High School. When we opened the school year in September, we talked about making CHOICES, taking CHANCES, and embracing CHANGE as a theme for this year. None of us ever imagined that seven months later we would be managing extreme changes relating to a global pandemic now known as COVID-19. As you move through life once you leave LHS, you will continue to encounter tough times. Our hope is that the attitude of being LION STRONG never leaves you, and that you experience more joy and success than anything else. Your endurance through this time is remarkable, and for that I am LION PROUD of all of you. Please rest assured that we are discussing alternative plans for all of the events that make senior year so special. More details will be coming from administrators, teachers, and counselors. Continue to stay safe, be well, wash your hands, and complete your school assignments.