Fallen Angels

By Walter Dean Myers : best-selling children's book author

"The real question was what I was doing, what any of us were doing in Nam." (Myers 40)
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After severely injuring his knee in a high school basketball game, Perry decides to join the U.S. Army. In his first days of serving he saw a man die and his nightmare suddenly became a reality. He experienced many more tough trials throughout the book along with his fellow soldiers Peewee, Monaco, Brunner, and Johnson. Not knowing when or if the war was going to end the men wondered if they would ever go home.

Could you survive Vietnam...and come back and live a normal life?


"Keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page." - New York Times

"Perfectly laid out, definitely an must-read book." - Washington Post


Winner of the 1988 Coretta Scott King Award


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