4th Grade Newsletter

Week of February 8th

Coming up this week

Valentine party for 4th grade is 9:45-10-45 am

Valentine letters with student names went home last week.


Reading - Up, Up and Away (multiple meaning words)

Language-- it's thyme for homophones! Students need to ewes their mental dictionaries (or regular wons) to complete their homophone practice. There will bee a quiz at the end of the weak. (hope you were able to catch the 5 homophone oopsies!)

Math - Comparing Fractions- Due Friday!


We are finishing up our multi meaning words and using context review. We will begin to review writing summaries for non-fiction text and how non-fiction text is structured this week.

Please continue to encourage your student to bring their personal choice book with them to school. We will have reading workshop daily to allow students to read independently.


Lots of homophone puns as we practice catching and using the correct one. Also, we are adding splashes to our expository writing and planning.


We are continuing our unit in fractions by decomposing (breaking apart) fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. We will have our fractions test next Wednesday the 17th. Below are three anchor charts hanging in our room. These should help your child on homework.


We are beginning our unit of study on weather. We will study weather instruments and forecasting weather conditions. Students may bring their devices to class for research.

Social Studies

We're getting ready for the Revolution. This week we are studying the grievances the colonists felt as a result of the Law of 1830.