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Info You Need to Know! August 20, 2018


At this point if you login to your Remind account you should see your classes. There will be a lot of them as there are first semester and second semester classes; the first semester class names end in a and the second semester class names end with b. You can rename the classes (click on the gear in the top right of the screen), but you might need to open up eschool to figure out which class is which. I want to point you to some helpful documents to answer some questions:

What do I do Next?

Rostering With Remind FAQ

Using Your Cell Phone to Make a Call in Remind

Help Center

More Info about Office Hours, Setting Up Accounts on the FISD Digital Melting Pot

If you are not seeing your classes at this point, please let me know and if possible, send me a screenshot of your Remind screen on a PC.

Right now we are receiving priority support from Remind. If you have a specific question you can email support at support@remindhq.com

Join My Google Classroom

I would like to start sending the Geekly out through Google Classroom, but I cannot do so unless I get everyone to join my class. There is too much that is important that you might miss. Go to Google Classroom, if you have never been in it before register as a teacher. ANd then click the little plus at the top right of the screen, choose join a class and enter the code xv9dwhk.

eSchool Need to Know

HAC Gradebook Codes- the district has a series of standard codes in the gradebook that can allow you to effectively communicate a great deal of information to parents and students with little effort. For example, entering an L in the gradebook indicates that an assignment was late and the L will average as a zero until it is overwritten with something different. In addition, we use decimal point values in grades to indicate that a certain grade was a late grade, a retake, or that corrections were made to improve the score. For example, a 70.1 would indicate that the grade was a 70 because it was late. See this handout for a complete list of codes and how to access them. (incidentally, this can be found on the digital melting pot under the eschool section.)

Importing Schedule Change Grades- If you have a student who has a schedule change into your class, and they come from a class with the same PEIMS number, you will be able to import their scores. Look for little sunshine next to their name. Heads up- if you make changes to your gradebook before dealing with the little sunshine icon, it will disappear and you will need to ask the teacher from whom they came for the grades. Here is a handout showing you how the import process works, and here is how to find your withdrawn students to see their grades if you end up needing that.

Eduphoria-Removing Shared Planners

Do you have planners showing up in your Eduphoria that you no longer need access to? Here is how to get rid of them. If the person who shared their planner with you is still in the district, please email them and ask them to remove you. If that doesn't work or if the person is no longer with Frisco ISD, please email me the names of the people you need removed and i will take care of it as time allows.

Email Lists

All the email lists should be set up and ready to go. PLEASE check to be sure you are on EVERY list that you should be on!

-if you have these already popping up when you start typing in the "To" field in eschool, please delete the list that is auto-populating and search for the list again to be sure you have the most current one.

- To find the lists, type in LTHS_ (don't forget the underscore at the end) and choose "search directory" if you are on the web or "check names" if you are using the desktop version with the desktop icon.

Here is a list of all of the email groups we have set up.


LTHS_All_Staff (includes cafeteria and custodial)





LTHS_Fine Arts




LTHS_Learning Lab







LTHS_Staff_Only (LTHS staff without custodial or cafeteria)


Wireless Filter

Our wireless is filtered at a Kindergarten level. If you or your students are wireless and need to access something that normally you would have access to, you (or students) can go to filter.friscoisd.org and login so that the filter knows what your access should be

You Tube

Quick Primer:

You (and students) MUST be logged in to YouTube to watch most videos. You need to be sure that videos you want to show are approved in order to guarantee that students will be able to see them. When you approve a video, it approved for EVERY FISD user from Pre-K up through Seniors, so watch what you are approving. Your name will be tired to the approval. To approve a video, open the video while logged in to Your YouTube account and click on "approve" in the blue bar below the video.

Note- Subs have student YouTube access and cannot see or show YouTube videos that are not approved.

On a related note: Here is some information about how you can download YouTube videos.


If you want to use Flipgrid with students and you choose the option during set up within the school email domain, remember that you will need to include Friscoisd.org AND k12.friscoisd.org as the domains so that the students can see your grid.