Hero Project

Mac Zelazny

Dan Zelazny is a 45 year old man who lives in Wilmette, Illinois. He is the father of 3 kids: Mac, Belle, and Nora. He is married to Kara McAlister. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, the same place where he fell in love with Kara. He is a salesman. He is a kid from Birmingham Michigan who's loves to play sports. He is a funny guy with a big heart. There are lots of ways you can describe Dan Zelazny, but one description suits him extremely well: A hero.
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Hero Definition Essay

I asked my little sister what she thought the definition of a hero was. She said, "Someone who saves people and defeats bad guys." I wouldn't be surprised if 70% of people defined a hero similar to her. But a hero doesn't need to be a lifesaver, he doesn't need to wear a cape, he doesn't have to defeat a bad guys. A hero is somebody who makes other people around them become a better person and helps people stays positive when negative things happen.

A hero is someone who makes other people around them become better people. Imagine a dad talking his son to his office in the city one day. The dad see a homeless man on a bench who is asking for food, so him and his son go to the nearest deli and buy him a sandwich. When they return to the homeless man, he tells his son to give the sandwich to the gentleman on the bench. The homeless man says thank you to the little boy who goes back to the dad with a huge smile on his face. The dad is a hero because not only did he do a good deed for a person in need, he showed his son the right thing to do and made him feel happy because he did something good. I can almost guarantee the next time the little boy see a homeless man he will want to give him another sandwich. By doing this act of kindness, the father made someone else around him become a better person.

A hero is someone who helps others stay positive when negative things happen. My dad’s father died a couple years ago. It was a long, bitter weekend where my family and I attended my grandfather’s wake and his funeral. After those events, we drove to the graveyard and said our last words to our Grandpa before he got buried. We went back to my Aunt’s house mourning the burying, and everyone was extremely sad. My dad took this as a challenge to make the Zelazny family happier and then told really funny stories about his dad. This uplifted the spirits all throughout the house. My dad is a true hero because he took a negative situation like my grandfather dying and made it more positive by telling witty and heartwarming stories about my grandpa to make people around him positive.

My definition of a hero is somebody who makes other people around them become a better person and stays positive when negative things happen, but that isn’t the world’s definition. A hero to someone can be a mom who is fighting cancer, but still chooses to make lunches for their kids everyday. A hero can be a rich man fostering kids who need support. A hero can be a citizens who wakes up early and picks up trash around the town. A hero can be as simple as a kid who sits next to someone who sits alone everyday. Everyone has their own definition of a hero, mine just happens to be one.