financial literacy project


Occupation: airline pilot

  • Annual Income: $131,760-

  • Degree needs: bachelor's degree

College attending: the university of texas

  • Tuition per semester: $4,429 per year

  • Total tuition to obtain degree:71,608

  • School loan terms:30

  • Additional interest for 2 year deferment: 78347.458528

  • School loan payment after deferment: 401

address: 431 mae dr. Justin, tx 76247

loan terms:the house is going to be 175,000 dollars

mothly payment:$761.61

total interest over the life of the payment:36.17%

Vehicle:2002 bmw m3 convertible

terms of loans:$11,044

monthly payment:$185

total interest over the life of the loan:$1,049

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What was your biggest learning experience throughout this project? I get to learn what I got to do In the future and I don’t have to stress out when I get to too pick. I get to find out all of the things I’m going to do in the future.


What adjustments did you have to make throughout the project to stay within budget and why? I had to change my car and make sure it was enough to get all of the essentials. I had to do that because I was going to go over my budget and not be able to get all of things I needed.


How does this compare your initial ideas of beginning adulthood? it really change my ideas I wanted to be a football player but I think I want to be a airline pilot.