Crimson Revolution

Welcome to our school year!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Our year started online and now we are back in the building participating in our classes in person with all our teachers!

We have explored some of math basic tools and consistent language and we are now starting to work on beginning of the year assessments to see where each and every student is at with their skills!

In Science we are learning about data collection, tools used in science and Space and Earth Science. We can identify the phases of the moon, tell you about eclipses, black holes, asteroids and are now learning more about temperatures and thermometers so that we can better interprete information when we read about it.

We are working on iReady Reading and Benchmark Assessments are well on their way so that small individualized instruction can start soon. In Writing we are learning about alliterations and using tools on our computers to help us write more and correctly.

While in class and in common areas we make sure that we are far apart and always wearing our masks!

The specials this trimester are band, gym, tech ed, health and drama.

We are also learning about how to relate to other people through the Circles Program and will start work on identifying our Zones of Regulation to help us better understand ourselves and what to do when we feel in a way that does not help us do well.

We are all so happy to be here together!