Poems choose 5


Sun flowers are very cool

Sun flowers are very bright and yellow

My mom likes sun flowers

Rhyming couplet

The cat in the hat is not fat

He likes to lay on a mat

One time he ate something bad

He was super mad

Free verse

I like to play basketball

And I also like football

And WWE is fun to

But I also like video games

Basketball and football are sports

That is why I like them

WWE is kinda a sport

..a fake sport

I have always loved video games

My first was a football game called madden

I have loved video games ever since


There once was a perky turkey

But when it was thanksgiving he was a murky turkey

One time he met a sparrow

They where the best of fellows

They went waddling away



Shoot, pass

Score, defend , run

Basketball is fun.


Big image



I wonder how the moon glows ?

What makes it glow ?

What is the moon made from ?

I wonder if pigs can some how actually fly ?

What would make them feel fly ?

Why would we want them to fly ?

I wonder who is going to be the next president ?

Will he be nice ?

Will he be mean ?

I wonder what a ghost pepper taste like ?

How hot will it be ?

Would it taste good on pizza ?

I wonder when we are going to make flying cars ?

Will they use gas ?

How fast will they be ?

I wonder why hippos are not purple ?

Can they be purple ?

Can we make them purple ?

I wonder!

Terse verse

A navy ship made gravy

for there food and it was called

"navy gravy"

What do you call

A big cat

"fat cat"


Michael Jordan

He was always scoring

He would dunk

And make your heart thump


Ate corn on the cob

And could not drive

When there was smog outside


I love basketball

I can't rest it

Is the best

There is nothing like it.

I may not be the best

But I love this sport more than

All the rest. I love basketball !

I wish

Didn't have a pounding head ache like a drum

A stomach growling like a wolf

& a nose stuffed like a teddy bear

I wish

I wish I got the pizza not the taco

But I will eat it anyway

I wish

I had a gold house with a indoor basketball court

And a car made of gold

To drive me everywhere

I wish

I was a king

That would rule the world

Giving people chocolate

And ice cream

And I wish

People would be happy that I gave them the food

I wish

I was a bird and I could just fly

All day and be happy

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