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Word from the Director

So Jeff, what has been happening this year with the ACTS Group? Over the last six weeks, I have been reconnecting with some Sacramento regional leaders as well as a few of my friends working in city transformation around the country, and that is the question coming my way. It has been an interesting year as we have followed where our contracts have led (see reports below) in the Sacramento area and beyond. One joy for me was having a small role with the Jesus Cares campaign for the Sacramento Region which took place from March to May online. Run by the ministry Groundwire, Jesus Cares reaches millennials through targeted social media ads. It guides them to online chat and eventually to conversation about a personal relationship with Jesus. The ACTS Group was able to encourage some local Sacramento churches to be willing to connect with those who were reached online. Really though, this effort was initiated, championed and funded by local business leaders and networkers like Michael Solazzo and Brian Dowd. This initiative, in the end, saw 1087 people make decisions for Jesus according to Groundwire founder and president Sean Dunn. A big YES to everything we can be doing to help people meet Jesus.
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Connecting Leaders

Q Commons Sacramento is coming up on October 25 at the City of Refuge Center in Oak Park. In today’s culture, it is easier to think of what it is that separates us. But what if we were known by our giving and our receiving instead of our self-preservation and taking? What if we practiced this Christian virtue of hospitality as a response to our polarized society? On October 25th we will be hearing from speakers on a variety of topics to learn how to better practice hospitality and seek the common good. This will be the seventh Q Commons hosted by the ACTS Group since the first one in the Fall of 2014. You can learn more about Q Commons Sacramento and buy tickets here.
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Partnership with MissionHub

The ACTS Group entered into a contract with Cru Digital Missions in January to help develop strategy and partnerships for an app called MissionHub. This app helps believers identify the people in their life that they want to be engaged with in witness and spiritual development. It is activating believers into steps of faith on a regular basis. There are already over 8,000 users of the app with a goal of 100,000 by summer of 2019. Learn more about this at

Connecting Prayer Leaders

Prayer Leaders Fellowship (PLF) has been an important part of the vision of CityPRAYS. Simply, PLF gets prayer leaders of local churches together for encouragement, connecting, equipping and inspiration. After almost a year off from this important gathering, it was relaunched in May with a second meeting in September.
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Hands and Feet of Jesus

Serve United has shifted focus over the last year to a role of advocacy and encouragement of local church and non-profit service efforts. Director Megan McCleary has been doing much of the work while living in Ghana and her husband Matthew has been hands on in the Sacramento region as they they await the finalization of their adoption. One effort that Serve United was able to have a small role in seeing happen was the Big Day of Service in Orangevale/Fair Oaks on May 5th.
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You can make your contribution to The ACTS Group

The ACTS Group continues to do out work based on the support of individual and church financial partnership. Monthly partners help us to plan with confidence the work that we can do. If you have been aware of this ministry and never made a contribution, we encourage you to do so now here. Monthly giving partners are particularly helpful. If you would be willing to join our monthly donors, please contact Merisa Moy at and she will help you through the simple process.

The ACTS Group is...

activating unified gospel initiatives in communities and cities. Gospel-based activators provide expertise, guidance, training and outcome tracking that helps leaders accelerate gospel movement in their local community and the spheres of cultural influence of the city.