Instructional Coaching Support


Work with an Instructional Coach to implement Common Core/NGSS, hone your teaching craft, get feedback, and more!

Our team of Instructional Coaches is excited to offer a variety of professional development opportunities to all district teachers. Coaching support can be in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and/or classroom climate. Examples of activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Implementing Common Core Literacy/Math and NGSS standards in diverse classrooms
  • Implementing EL Achieve strategies (for those who have gone through, or will be going through EL Achieve PD)
  • Implementing curriculum such as English 3D, Read 180, or Math 180
  • Working on curriculum or strategies with a small group from your site
  • Enhancing existing lessons with Common Core literacy skill development in diverse subject areas (social studies, science, CTE and electives)
  • Integrating structures to increase active student engagement
  • Employing creative ways to check for understanding and other formative assessment strategies
  • Enhancing existing lessons with questions and tasks that address all levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge)
  • Creating and maintaining a productive and safe classroom climate
  • Checking classroom patterns for equity, instituting structures that increase equitable participation
  • Make your own, custom-designed experience, based on your particular needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from working with a PAR or TIPS coach?

  • PAR, TIPS, and Instructional Coaching are all programs meant to support teachers and classroom instruction. The idea is for teachers to be involved in ONE program for support.
  • TIPS is meant for new teachers and PAR is intended to support veteran teachers who can volunteer or are referred to work with the program. TIPS teachers can also work with an instructional coach in addition to their TIPS coach for further curricular support a few times during the year.
  • PAR focuses more on the CSTPs and the evaluation cycle. While all programs assist with implementing instructional strategies and curriculum, PAR is designed for teachers on formal conference evaluation. Participants in the PAR program should check with their coaches before working with an instructional coach.
  • Instructional Coaching focuses on implementing strategies and curricular areas listed above and coaches work with any teacher at any point during the year.

Is this program the same as Common Core Cohorts?

No, this application is different. It is for one-on-one or small group work with a coach. Cohorts are small groups who want to engage in an inquiry process and meet monthly with a coach. There is a different application for that activity.

Who can work with an instructional coach?

Any teacher can access support from an instructional coach.

Where and when do I work with a coach?

Coaches come to your site, on your prep, at lunch, or after school. Some coaches are also teaching a few classes so it is important to schedule meeting time when both of you are free or when a coach can observe your class. Coaches can work with a teacher several times or on a more targeted basis for a few weeks.

How do I connect with a coach?

Fill out this application or contact the PD and Curriculum department.

Is my work with a coach confidential?

Your conversations and work are confidential. The fact that you are working with a coach is not typically confidential unless you ask the coach to refrain from sharing that information with anyone besides the Director of PD and Curriculum.