My Venus Smore

BY: Mark Santoro

Terrestrial or Jovian ?

Terrestrial because it is with all the other outer planets that we don't really know about.

what is the length of a day?

116 days and 18 hours

what is the length of a year?

225 days
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how many moons does Venus have ?

none, zero, nada

Does Venus have rings


what is the composition of Venus atmosphere?

Its almost completely made out of Carbon Dioxide

what is the average temperature on Venus

its on average about 864 degrees Fahrenheit or really hot
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3 Characteristics

It orbits at an average distance of 108 million km from the Sun, taking almost 225 days to complete one revolution around the Sun.. Its radius is 6,052 km (95% the size of the Earth). Its volume is about 86% the volume of Earth, and its mass is 4.87 x 1024 kg, which is about 82% the mass of the Earth.The gravity on Venus is 90% the gravity on Earth, so if you could actually walk around on the surface of Venus, the gravity would feel very similar to Earth.

2 Missions

>Venus Express - ESA Venus Orbiter

>Akatsuki/planet C -ISAS Venus orbiter