Lewisville ISD Gifted & Talented Services

Student Eligibility

Qualification for services is demonstrated through performance on standardized aptitude and achievement tests, as well as gifted/talented characteristic scales, planned learning experiences, classroom observations, and student work samples.

While many students may benefit from specialized services, LISD's G/T services are designed for students who have demonstrated a need for them through data collection and testing.

Students must be enrolled in Lewisville ISD to be eligible for assessment.

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Referral Request

Gifted and Talented testing may be requested by teachers, students, parents/guardians, counselors, or administrators throughout the school year.

Prior to initiating a formal testing referral, parents/guardians are encouraged to schedule a conference with the classroom teacher and/or campus G/T Facilitator to determine the ideal time for each student to enter the formal identification process.

All referrals are made to the campus G/T Facilitator.

No referrals are accepted within 7 weeks of the last day of school.


Click here for helpful information to determine if your child might be a candidate for a referral.

Development of Potential

In kindergarten through second grade, all LISD students benefit from our development of potential model which is used to identify students who need gifted/talented services.

This process includes the following conducted by the campus G/T Facilitator.

  • Year-long classroom observations and lessons focused on increased depth and complexity
  • Planned experiences designed to elicit specific behaviors and characteristics of gifted children

Additionally, universal screeners for nonverbal ability are administered in grade 2.

Data collected from the experiences above is used to create a talent pool of students to watch through second grade.

Those students showing potential for gifted/talented services are referred for testing.

Qualification Timeline

The complete qualification process, from referral to the communication of placement results, should take approximately 9 - 12 weeks depending on the amount of data collection necessary for an accurate determination of service recommendations.

Click here for more information about the qualification process.

Advanced Preparation

No advanced preparation is necessary for gifted/talented testing. Assessments are designed to determine if a student may benefit from gifted/talented services. Using preparatory materials or resources prior to testing may invalidate the results.
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Transfer Students Previously Qualified

Students receiving gifted/talented services in other school districts, who can provide acceptable assessment and qualification process documentation, may continue services in LISD without formal reevaluation.

New Students Not Previously Qualified

Enrolling in a new school can be challenging for students and their well-being is always a top priority.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to allow children at least one grading period (approximately 9 week) of transition time before beginning a formal referral for gifted/talented testing.This provides the student an opportunity to get settled and also allows time for the classroom teacher to learn more about their specific needs.


Click here for more information about transfer policies.

Reassessment Guidelines

Students who do not qualify for gifted/talented services may only be reassessed once every 12 months.

It is important to consider a student's social-emotional well being when referring a student multiple times throughout the elementary years.

When deciding if you should refer your child multiple times, consider the child's instructional needs and response to potentially testing and not qualifying. Students often internalize this as a failure because they do not understand the nature of this kind of assessment and process.

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Credit by Acceleration

K-8 students may also test to move ahead one grade level through Credit by Acceleration.

Students must be enrolled in Lewisville ISD to be eligible for assessment.

All Credit by Acceleration testing is coordinated by LISD's Counseling Department.


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LISD Gifted & Talented Services

We strive to identify and engage a diverse population of gifted/talented students, build relationships that support student growth, ignite within students a desire for learning, and provide services and supports to meet students' unique social-emotional and educational needs every day.

Elementary Contact

Koby Stringer, Elementary Gifted & Talented Services Administrator