Teen depression/suicide

By: Emily Adame

What is teen depression?

Teen depression is now very common. Approximately 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood. Teen depression is a serious medical problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness & loss of interest in activities. It affects how teenagers think ,feel, behave, & it can cause emotional , functional & physical problems.
Why is it a problem? It affects a teen's personal, school, social & family life.

How can teen depression lead to suicide?

Since teen depression affects the way someone feels & thinks, up to 15% who are depressed die by suicide. For adolescents aged 15 to 19, there are 1802 deaths among 19,068,000 adolescents every year.

How can it be solved?

Make an immediate appointment to see the family physician for a depression screening.
Don't rely on medication alone. Talk therapy is another way for depression to be treated, for mild and moderate depression. Over time therapy may resolve teen depression. If not, medication may be warranted. Other than therapy & medication, you can talk to him or her & offer support, be gentle but persistent, listen without lecturing, & lastly validate feelings. The most important thing to do while supporting a depressed teen, is to get the teen to spend time with family, close friends, & avoiding negative people.