A guide to staying safe online

BY ANNABELLE SHARMAN a member of the youth

Introduction from a person who hasn't been there before- me

Personally, I have never been in the situation of receiving or sending any kind of sexual image or text, yet too often I see so many people, especially young women, having their bodies being perceived as objects and something to be abused by others. If this flyer can encourage girls to not send explicit images that will be passed around and glared at by young boys, then I am proud to have accomplished such a thing. The purpose of this flyer is not to judge or make fun of, but to support and promote young girls to avoid embarrassment, objectification, bullying and a negative reputation with helpful tips and advice from yours truly.

Sexting, not as fun as anyone thinks.

The temptation will always be there, the best way to avoid trouble is to always think through what is happening; what will the outcomes be like? Who will see what you have sent? If you're unsure whether you'd like anyone else to see what you're seeing, don't send it. Don't trust anyone with images of your body, it's yours and only yours, sending an image will reach more people than you would want. Sending an explicit photo or text message to someone under the age of 18 is illegal, it can go on your permanent criminal record as an offence if police are involved. This being said, always turn to an adult or someone you can trust when in need, they will guide you through this tough and traumatic experience.
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What do I do if the worst happens?

ALWAYS tell someone, whether a teacher, parent or friend. It can help get it off your chest and make you feel relieved. Delete the images and messages in all ways and ask people to do the same. Talk to your someone about where to next.

Once you send something you can never get it back
What you send now will effect you in the future
If the authorities find out, then you can be charged

If SOMEONE sends you a photo
- Don't send it to anyone else
-Tell them you don't want anymore photos
-Block them
-Tell someone
Internet Danger- Everyone Knows Sarah
Once Posted You Lose it

Contains awesome help and advice for the youth! Also lets you report abuse online!