Kepler 62f


Luc Froio



Radius: 1.41

Diameter: 2.82

Average Temperature: 89.9 Degrees

Average Distance from its sun: 7.84 hrs

Length of a Day: 7.46 hrs

Length of a year (Orbital Period): 267.29 Days

Common Name: Kevin-62E

Interesting Information

Number of Moons: 1

Number of Rings: 0

If I lived on Kepler 62f I'd be 19 years old.

Value of Gravity: 5.266

I would weigh 710.91 lbs.

Distance from Earth: 1,200 Light Years

It would take us 12,000 years for us to get there and I would be 12,014 years old when we got there.

Facts, Problems, and Solutions

1. Discovered in April 2013

2. The planet orbits in the habitable zone of its host star, an area which would allow for the presence of liquid water on its surface.

3. The radius is 1.4 times greater than Earth.


1. Too much water (water dominated)

2. Difficult to breath (atmosphere)

3. Thick clouds block out light.


1. Create dry pockets.

2. Plant many trees or use special chemicals to change atmosphere.

3. Create holes through the clouds.