Dignity Dispatch

March 2020: Family Edition

A publication of the OHM BOCES Safety Office

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Handwashing - It's a Family Affair

Since most of us have extra time at home with our kids, why not take the time to reinforce handwashing with them one more time. Attached is a poster from the CDC to help you out!

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Stress Reduction Tips: Keeping Your Sanity In a Pandemic

  1. Take definitive self-relaxation breaks. A mentally healthy you = a mentally healthy family.
  2. Take time to deep breathe as an actual exercise of relaxation. In through the nose, out through the mouth.
  3. Move about and do some form of light to moderate exercise in an acceptable, socially distanced format.
  4. Take walks and view things in nature that you have never taken in before.
  5. Eat meals at ritual intervals. Eat healthy and clean.
  6. Organize your workspace and make it work-friendly.
  7. Take a mini meditative 'vacation' for a few minutes each day. Visualize positive scenery.
  8. Do a hobby that you enjoy!
  9. Read an escape novel.
  10. Get plenty of rest and hydrate.
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