Motocross IS Awsome

Dirtbikes & 4 Wheelers

If you ride a dirt bike you are very cool !!! Well if you have a farm go ride and practice riding dirt bikes. Then when you good enough go an enter a dirt bike race win and you will have so much fun doing it. When you win you'll go and win more have have more fun. The thing is do be bragging Because you got a lot of medals just go have fun.

Back then the dirt bikes's were different from now

First person that was good in a dirt bike was Evel Knievel He rode a 350cc Honda then a 750cc Norton in 1966 and then a Triumph from 1966-1968, Then Laverda 750cc American Eagle from December 1969 to April 1970 then a and in December 1970 Harley-Davidson.

(October 16, 2012 by JP)

Dirt bikes changed

They Have Changed over the years but they are almost the same in a way but faster