Most Significant Goddess in Greek Mythology

Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore`s Mythweb.com, Hephaestus is the most significant goddess in Greek Mythology that portrays an image that is strong and lame but also crafty even though he has been broken down by both of his parents.


Hephaestus`s parents are Zeus and Hera. He is the lame god of fire, crafts, and the hence of blacksmiths. He has a limp because he was born lame, which caused his mother to throw him of Mount Olympus.


For example, one of the great things he created was the first woman, Pandora.


“Hephaestus accomplished numerous prodigies of craftsmanship” (Skidmore).


This shows that Hephaestus has gone through hard times but still managed to create something beautiful, as in the first woman Pandora. His father Zeus forced him to create her because he wanted to punish mankind for the theft of fire.


Although Hephaestus is troubled he has created many things in his life, which has gave the world light. This shows why he is the greatest god to ever live.

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