Tropical Food

How to get food on when your stranded on an island

How To Test If A Plant Is Poisoning:

1. Avoid testing anything that there is not enough to eat for a good amount of time

2. Don't drink anything but water before you test the plant

3. if you find insects on the plant/leaf do not eat it

4. Crush it so that the sap touches your skin, and hold it there for 15 minutes. If the plant causes a reaction in the next 8 hours, do not continue testing that part of that plant

5. cook the plant if you can, if not prepare it raw

6. hold a small amount to your lib for 3 minutes is nothing occurs continue testing

7. hold it on your tongue for 15 minutes, if nothing happens continue testing

8. chew for 15 minutes, do not swallow, do not continue testing if a reaction occurs

9. swallow

10. do not eat or drink anything except water for 8 hours

11. eat 1/4 cup of the same plant you prepared earlier

12. wait another 8 hours

13. if nothing occurs continue eating plant

How Long Does It Take To Survive Without Food:

It depends on how much meat you have on your bones when you take your last bite. in starvation situations its better to be overweight. Scientists say healthy person could take a moth before they starve. It also depends on how much they exercise with out eating, if they burn more calories than they obtain they will stave quicker.

Is It Okay To Eat Wild Animals:

If the animal was killed while it was healthy, it is okay to eat. You can eat anything with fur or feathers as long as it is cooked properly. Bugs and reptiles don't offer as much nutrition. The more calories the better.

Bear: 259 cal.
Beaver: 212 cal.
Deer: 158 cal.
Dove: 219 cal.
Duck: 201 cal.
Goose: 305 cal.
Possum: 221 cal.
Quail: 234 cal.
Rabbit: 206 cal.
Raccoon: 255 cal.
Squirrel: 173 cal.