life during the new deal

tyan young

roles of women during the new deal

-Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in FDR's presidency

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department in national govt.

-women were leaders in many new deal agencies

roles of African Americans

- Hastie , became the first black federal judge in U.S. history

- black cabinet A group of black officials

-Roosevelt felt that angering southern Democrats would jeopardize the entire New Deal

Artists during the 1930s

Dorothea Lange - record images of jobless people

James agee -was a film critic for times

walker evans - depicted the lives of sharecroppers

popularity movies of 1935

- movies played a big part in entertainment in 1935

three example are show below

role of radio in the 1930s

-the radio played a big role in america at this time it broke down alot of social barriers -one popular radio show at this time was C.A.B show below

-two facts about music during this time are :jazz was making a big come up ,in 1932 the sales of records hit an all time low

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sports in the 1930s

Babe Ruth- famous baseball player
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