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June 2020

Calaveras 2020 Baseball Season Cancelled

Calaveras National Little League[CNLL] is our local small league, part of district 15, made up of 8 leagues in the motherlode. Our league was on track to start the season with games just shortly after the Pandemic and stay at home orders were made by the Governor and our local public Health Office. This year 103 kids registered to play, with over 30 adults registered to volunteer and help the kids and league this season.

While I was not signed up to play baseball this year I was prepared to be at many practices and games with my sister on a T ball team, my brother on a miners team. Additionally my dad and mom volunteer for the league, my aunt and uncle are on the board. So this leaves a big void in our Baseball family’s schedule. Not to mention major league baseball season has been postponed and possibly even cancelled.

In early April CNLL was awarded a grant from Calaveras Community Foundation for much needed field improvement at the San Andreas ballpark. Now with no baseball season taking place the board and their volunteers are using the time to complete and expand upon improvements and renovations.

The league hopes to be able to still host a hit-a-thon after the stay at home order is lifted. For more information about attending or supporting this fundraiser, or any up to date news, please like their facebook page or visit the website:

By Cali Andalh


The Drive-In Movies...An Old Fashion Way of Fun

Do you miss going out to the movies? Well, lucky for us Chicken Ranch Casino is opening a drive in movie theater! I will be telling you about the chicken ranch casino drive in-movie theater!

The drive in movies is a great way to have fun and social distance. There used to be alot of drive-in movie theaters but for some reason they have all disappeared. Now they are starting to come back into style. The drive in movies is when there is a big screen in a parking lot and then you park your car and watch the movies. The tickets are $ 15 per car. Double features are $20. To buy tickets go to the address is 16929. Candy,popcorn,hotdogs and more will be sold at the drive in movie theater.

I went to the drive-in on Saturday. It was really fun. My mom, dad and I brought our own snacks and drinks. We went in my dad’s truck and sat in lawn chairs in the back of the truck to watch the movie. The move that I saw was Indiana Jones. All of the cars had a great view of the move.

I have been to the drive in twice now. This time I saw Grease. When you go to the drive movies feel free to bring snacks and drinks and get ready for a super fun night. I thought the drive in movies was a great experience. I hope that you think so too. By Cecilia O'Geen

A lot of necessary things have changed due to COVID-19 and one of those things would be orthodontics. I have braces and the wires need to be tightened occasionally and the bands also need to be changed in order for your teeth to go in the correct places. That means we still have to go to the orthodontists once in a while. About a week ago, I went in for an appointment. Before we were allowed inside they asked to take my temperature, and I was told to wear a mask until I was in the building. After they took my temperature I was taken inside. Many lights were turned off throughout the building and all the pillows for the chairs were gone. They only allowed three patients in the building at a time, so it was very quiet. I took off my mask so they could work on my teeth. Right after they were done I put on my mask and went outside to our car. It is unreal how much everything has changed due to the pandemic. I feel a lot safer than I would have if there were no safety procedures. It was also nerve racking being around people for the first time in a couple months. I hope everyone is healthy and safe! By Samantha Montplaisir

Survivors #1 The Empty City: A Book Review Book by Erin Hunter

This book was well written, and the plot was interesting. The book starts out with Lucky (the main character) inside a trap house. A trap house is the pound.The earth begins to shake, and the Trap House collapses. Lucky gets out of his cage and frees his friend, Sweet. The book goes on and Lucky leaves Sweet because he’s “A lone dog.” Lucky happens upon some leashed dogs (pets). And they find a “Dog Garden.” The dog garden is a training center for guard dogs. Lucky and the leashed dogs find a river that turns out to be poisoned.

I love this book because it’s showing a large scale disaster from the point of view of dogs. Seemingly, the “Big Growl” as they call it, was an earthquake. The river had been poisoned because of the earthquake most likely destroyed a nuclear power plant that spilled into the river. The dogs occasionally even see Longpaws (Humans) in hazmat suits cleaning the city and surrounding area due to the high levels of radioactivity. This is the best scenario I can come up with that would’ve caused this amount of destruction, though it is just speculation.

In my opinion, the way that this book and the rest following it do a very good job portraying how dogs might feel about a huge disaster. It’s a very interesting series, and I highly recommend it.

By Faith Eriksen


Tips to be a Great Speller

Do you want to get 100% on your spelling test? Let me tell you the ways that I memorize spelling words.

  1. One way is I use a web site called Spelling City. It has fun games to help memorize words and it has tests. It helps me a lot because it has fun games.

  1. The second way I write it out 3 times each. I sound the word out and look to see if the word looks wrong, Seeing the word in writing helps me troubleshoot the spelling.

  1. The last way is to look for word parts. For example the word “engineer” or “inside” they have words inside them that I already know so it can help me work it out..

So, those are my top 3 tips for memorizing spelling words. I hope they can help you. Good luck on your next test! By Adrien Wood

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