Enyssa Ramdass

Environmental Study Project


The Warmest Month in Florida is July , Coolest month is January-February the most precipitation is June and November is the Driest . The average Temperature for December is 73 F . The Average Rainfall Florida gets is 53.17 % . The weather doesn't really affect us that much i mean when it rains it affects because what if we are at the beach or what if there is a horrible hurricane but i would say the hurricanes are what affects Florida mostly and what we wanna do . The weather is perfect in the summer t through out because we get to go to the beach and hang out and just relax and not have to worry about anything unless there is rain coming or hurricane like i said and thats what i think is the best part about the weather in Florida . The bad part is that you can be anywhere at a party , pool party, store , mall anywhere and you have to get home but you can't and it's raining it's horrible you can't even get home .

Natural Disasters

We haven't had a bad hurricane since 2005 which is not exactly 10 years but close . On October,19 ,2005 Hurricane Wilma had 1st struck The Caribbean , then to Yucatan Peninsula Then on October 21 Wilma hit Cozumel (150 mph). Hurricane Wilma had made the lowest pressure In the Atlantic (882 mb) .Wilma picked up all of its wind and headed out to hang out by Florida . On October 24 Wilma had moved to the area Naples,Florida (125 mph) . Wilma had killed nearly about 80 people and the damage of Florida was over $ 15 Billion .


The History of Florida goes way back but lets get to the basics . Founder of Orlando, Florida is Aaron Jernigan before Orlando was named Orlando it was called Jernigan . Some say that the Name Orlando comes from a soldier named Orlando Reeves who died in 1835 during the Seminole war . Aaron Jernigan died August 25 1891 and was buried at Lake Hill cemetery . The population of Orlando the was about 575,000 citizens and now about 2,134,411 citizens (theres a big difference). Since the 1500's to now everything has changed their are Theme Parks (Disney, Universal, Sea world , Aquatica) there i now malls to shop . In the 1500's the had known of this but now that they do everyone comes to visit ! ( Hey did you know that Orlando,Florida is called the ''Most Beautiful City ''


In Florida we have a lot of apartments and apartments building, 1 story houses and 2 story houses we do not have basements because of the landscape.I live in a 2 story house with 5 bedrooms and the houses are pretty expensive but sometimes for a good deal. Florida has the best stuff to do you can go fishing ,swimming, snorkeling, diving, and camping . The Most Popular and well could say Fun thing to do in Florida is Camping and snorkeling . The sports teams in Florida are different we have different sports For Basketball we have the MAGICS . Football we have The Seminoles or The Gators . Soccer we have The Gators soccer team and Baseball we have ''Tampa Yankees''. My Favorite sport of all are Football and Basketball ofcourse i would have to go with the SEMINOLES they are the BOMB.com and Basketball is ofcourse the magics i have one of the players names on the jersey . People have parties and cheer for the teams or go to the games and that helps the community get into it .


Florida has tons of animals running around even around our house's ! Florida has many different types of animals like deers, birds, and insects but we have a lot of reptiles like the Alligator.The Reptiles are everywhere not only in rivers or in the grass sometimes it can get its way into your house maybe even your car. Sometimes we humans can harm the animals by building on top of their home or going hunting for them like deers . Animals help the community well they help the community by giving us nutrients like when we eat them some help us with decomposition and the food chain. I think the coolest Animal in Florida Is The ''Florida Swamp Snake'' Why ? well let me explain . Florida Swamp Snakes are Very small they can weigh up to 10-15 In (25-38 Cm) they are very black and they're belly's are red . This is the best part Swamp Snakes are Non-Venomous and they can have up to 2-11 snakes . Yea you probably haven't seen one because they're so small you can find them in Wetlands, lakes, ponds and of course swamps .


In Florida we have a lot of Hispanics , I am From New york but my Background is West Indian which is from Trinidad & Tobago . My culture is weird we love to eat Spicy food like peppers from the tree, Dancing like wild crazy people (like Grinding and Winning) we listen to crazy music . Being West Indian is kinda amazing because we get to eat some crazy delicious food Like Doubles , Curry Chicken , Shark Bait , Choka and all that great stuff . West Indians and Hispanics are different because i know this sounds weird but Indians are crazy and sometimes don't have a very good education but we are very generous and nice but indians are mostly smart and very nice sometimes we are the ones that start fights or nonsense with Hispanics or our own kind . We Help the Community by taking care of our community by telling each other not to the wrong things we also help each other by giving stuff or helping eachother with a favor . We do help to keep the community be safe and clean environment for citizens to live in.

My Map

What i love about my community is that everything is so convenient and the area is so nice, one of my favorite places to go to are The malls and like Waterford Lakes and Florida Mall i get to hang with my friends . What i love to do the most is to eat it is the best ever of course it would be McDonald's !

Overall Reflection

In our community everyone gets along unless they don't agree on something . Everyone tries to help each other so they won't be stressed out . Like i also said people try to give a hand in helping people like if they needed food or shelter . What i like about our community is that there very nice and try to help out . I dislike how people don't even ask how are you doing they just need help you answer and done . The animals help us a lot with decomposition when an animal dies the little animals or insects eat it so it wont stink as much also the animals help us with the food chain.