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Building a Foundation for Learning - 1st Six Weeks Edition

Thank you to all of our parents and staff for a great start to this new year. We are very excited about the start of our brand new Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). They have had their first meeting and the executive committee is working hard to plan upcoming meetings in the coming weeks. We will send out info to everyone if you are interested in being a member of the PTO. Our construction at VPS continues and we are getting closer and closer to completion. As of today, our projected completion date is mid-December, so the new parts of the building will be ready for us to use when we return from the Christmas Holidays! We can hardly wait for it to be completed! Thank you all for your patience with the construction around the building!

We hope that this newsletter is informative and will give you an idea about what is going on around the school! We will send one of these out every six weeks to keep you updated! As always, if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact your child's teacher, call the office, or stop by to visit!

It’s hard to believe the first six weeks of school is over! We’ve been very busy learning the classroom and school rules, making new friends, and learning while we’re having fun! We studied the following themes, using Frog Street Pre-K curriculum, this six weeks: This Way to Pre-K!, Safety/Choices, Physical Me, Five Senses, and I Think, I Feel.

We have been focusing on strengthening our hands and using our hands (fine motor skills) – cutting, use hole-punchers, coloring, and, of course, practicing writing our names. We have focused on the colors red, yellow, and blue, the shapes circle, square, and triangle, and the numbers 0, 1, and 2.

We enjoy going to “Specials” one day each week – Computer class, PE (physical education), and Library. Thank you for sharing your precious children with us; we look forward to the next six weeks! – Pre-K Teachers

The first semester has flown by so quickly, we can’t believe it is already the second six weeks. We, as their teachers, couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress we have been seeing in these short six weeks.

In Reading, we have been covering six letters (G, H, L, O, P, and T) and up to twelve sight words as well as color words. We are slowly but surely beginning to put these letter sounds together to create words so they can begin reading. You will be amazed when they start attempting to read signs on the street and every little thing they see at stores, home, etc. If you can, please encourage this, they love to show off what they know. We have also been discussing elements of a story (characters, setting, problem, solution). If you read books to your child at home, try and ask them things such as: Who were the characters? Where was the setting? Why did this character do this?

In Math, we have been working on numbers 1-5. We have counted forward and backward and for most, we have pushed passed counting to number five. We did a lesson about composing and decomposing numbers from 1-5. Some of us received phone calls, because it was a struggle. Do not worry, this is a skill that is difficult at worst and we will be covering the entire year.

Please remember, letter and number identification can be tricky at first. Your child may not know the letters we have covered yet, but it will come. If you notice your child is struggling with this skill, please try and set aside an extra 5-10 minutes to cover them. The more they practice, the quicker they will remember them.

We are so proud of their progress and hard work. It is very difficult for a five year old to not only stay awake, but stay engaged for eight hours a day. Please e-mail your child’s teacher if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns.

The Kindergarten Team

Welcome back! We, the first grade teachers, are thrilled to be back at school! Congratulations on being a parent to a fabulous first grader here at Venus Primary School. You will be amazed at just how much your child will grow this year. Most likely, your child has had the seeds of reading and writing planted, and during first grade, those seeds will grow and blossom, making your child an accomplished reader and writer. You will see changes in your child’s thinking as they become familiar with abstract concepts and symbols in math. The change will be dramatic. Just compare a tiny seed with a full-grown sunflower!

The first six weeks has flown by. It seems like yesterday we all had the first day jitters as we anticipated the start of the school year. Now, we have settled into routines, procedures, and most importantly we are learning new concepts EVERY day. Each morning we begin with writing. It is here that we introduce thinking maps to help our first graders brainstorm their thoughts and ideas. The circle map is such a great tool for this part of the writing process! We continue to work on writing through out the week and we manage to work together to be successful in each step of the writing process. Each day we are learning a new rule in reading to help us become fluent readers. The first graders have been working extremely hard on blending sounds and extending our reading ability. We have also introduced some new sight words and vocabulary. The students are collaborating together during station time and working extremely hard on new reading skills. The first six weeks in math we’ve focused on number recognition, skip counting, and addition facts. We are using manipulatives each day in math to be sure we are grasping each new concept with a hands on approach. This year the first graders will be required to identify numbers 0-120. Math stations have been an awesome tool to help us identify those numbers and work on many different skills through out the station rotation! Our first graders have been SUPER scientists in learning new tools and discussing lab safety in class. We really enjoyed reviewing our 5 senses and completing a science lab over “ mystery grab bags” and using our senses to predict what we thought each item was in the bag. During social studies we are discussing being good citizens and sorting between rights and responsibilities. As the first six weeks comes to an end, the first grade team wants to THANK YOU for all your support and help. We could not do it with out you. A few reminders: Homework will come home each Monday and needs to be returned on Friday. Our first field trip has been scheduled for November 10th. We will be traveling to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose. Remember to keep studying those sight words and working on your math facts! Thank you for sharing your child with us at VPS!

The First Grade Team

The first 6 weeks has flown by and our students have already learned so much in PE. We have played fitness bingo which has taught us exercises that can be done at home or school. The students learned to work as a team while playing parachute. In PE, we were excited to start our DrumFit program, where the students get to exercise while drumming on a ball. Not only have we been drumming on the balls, the students have also been working on their balance by sitting and laying on the ball. PE has started a running club and the students spend one of their PE days getting to run. We also have been teaching a health lesson each week such as washing your hands, how germs can makes us sick and our character trait trustworthiness.

Please remember students go to PE EVERYDAY. Tennis shoes must be worn during PE times. You may send an extra pair of tennis shoes in your child's backpack and they will be given time to change before PE.

During our first six weeks of school, we have had a fantastic time in music class! Our first grade and kindergarten students have been defining and demonstrating steady beat and pitch. We have played the Boomwhackers, a cylindrical percussion instrument, and have been singing and playing music games. Our pre-k students have been movin’ and shakin’ to different musical selections. I am really excited about their talent and eagerness to learn!

In GT (Gifted and Talented), students have demonstrated understanding of patterns as something that repeats in a predictable fashion; cycles are patterns that are continuous and repeat at a given point in the pattern. They can describe how patterns are linear and cycles are circular in nature. Currently, they are creating a product to show how things have changed over time.


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