Frank Lloyd Wright Biography

By : Wade Jarman


Frank was born on June 8th , 1867 in Richland Center , Wisconsin. The day he graduated high school , his parents divorced. After they divorced Frank's dad was never heard of again. His mom's occupation was being a teacher. His dad's occupation was being a preacher or a musician. So with that information right there you know that his childhood was hard because the only person that lived with him didn't make that much money.

*Inspiration And Starting Point*

After high school he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He went there to learn about civil engineering. When he went there he helped construct the Unity Chapel. After he helped them on that he got inspired to be an architect. After he got inspired he dropped out of college and helped Silsbee in Chicago , IL.

*Unity Chapel*

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Frank Lloyd WRIGHT - UNITY Temple

*Prairie Style*

The Prairie Style was developed in 1893 by Frank Lloyd Wright. The technique is in inspired by the broad , flat landscape of America's mid-west. Some of the things that stand out in this technique are definitely horizontal lines , and over hanging roofs ( gable roof or hipped roofs ). Also the windows are in groups and there is a lot of open floor. Another thing that stands out in these kind of houses are that the furniture in built in. Lastly , there are massive piers , really big chimneys and wide porches. This is one of few architectural designs not imported from Europe.

*Some Of His Famous Designs

  • Falling Water
  • Taliesin
  • Walter Gate House

*Five Interesting Facts*

He never graduated from college.

He never officially graduated high school.

He married 3 times and had 7 children.

He worked until his death ( Never Retired ).

He had a lot of speeding tickets because he liked to drive fast.


He has built houses in other countries and has built houses in 36 of 50 states in America.