rope, invisible, and visible

Rope braid

the rope braid is one of the hardest braid to do but once you get the hang of it its real easy.

1. your going to start from the top of the head and make a part

2. get two strands of hair and twist it twice

3. then you get some from once side and add to the strand on left then twist it

4. do the same for the other side

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visible braid

visible braid is like single braid

1. you make a part at the top and make three strand.

2.then you braid it like a normal braid twice.

3.then grab from one side and add to the middle strand.

4. and repeat the steps

french braid

French braid is a simple braid that's easy to concept

  1. you start with three stands
  2. then you braid twice like normal
  3. then you add to the far side of it
  4. then do the same for the other side
  5. repeat